‘Back To The Future’ Cast Talks Rumors Of A Sequel

Back To The Future 3 released almost 30 years back and since then, despite the beloved trilogy’s conclusion, fans have always hoped for a fourth instalment. The cast has now spoken about why those hopes and rumours keeping coming up.

During the Fan Expo in Boston, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas Wilson and Lea Thompson were asked the reason behind these rumours about Back To The future 4 even after 30 years of the last film’s release. Wilson who played “Biff” in the trilogy commented that it’s probably because people would watch the movies until “it sucks.”

“Basically, I think what everyone is saying is that, come on they’ve wrecked every franchise with bad sequels. Why not this one? We would watch it till it sucks”

Wilson said. Keeping in mind that nostalgia is a major trend in present-day entertainment on both, big and small screens with many movies getting rebooted or continued after many years. For instance, 2016’s Ghostbusters did a fine job in the box office but due to its high budget, its solid box-office haul of $229 million seemed fruitless.

However, Christopher Lloyd who played Doc in the trilogy told Phoenix New Times a few days back that he wouldn’t mind doing a sequel or a reboot of the franchise, provided the idea is right. He stated that a right idea behind a film is really important and if there is something that is as good as the original trilogy, he wouldn’t mind being a part of it.

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This doesn’t seem like happening anytime soon as its creators Bob Gale and Robert Zeckemis aren’t on-board with the idea of a sequel or reboot. Zeckemis even told The Telegraph that a remake isn’t possible until he and Gale are dead.

Would you like to see a sequel/reboot to Back To The Future? Let us know in the comments below.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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