Bad Boys For Life Tragic Ending Revealed By The Director

The directors of Bad Boys For Life have revealed a tragic ending to the movie. It was an alternate ending for the film. The directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah said that the ending would have left fans shocked in their seats had it made to the final cut.

Plot twist

Spoilers ahead.
In the theatrical version of the movie, Mike, played by Will Smith is in a fight with Isabel, played by Kate del Castillo, and Armando Aretas, played by Jacob Scipio.

If that wasn’t suspense and tense enough, Mike turns out to be Armando’s father. Armando does not greatly accept this news. Isabel accidentally shoots Armando while aiming for Mike.

She gets killed before completing her assigned job to kill our hero. After his injuries turn out to be not fatal enough, Armando is imprisoned.
But this was not the route the directors were aiming to take.

Different Endings

In an interview with Digital Spy, Billal Fallah said, “We always had thought about different endings. Then by editing those, we used it on the test audience.

We got profound feedback from the testing audience. As a result, we finalized the ending of the movie. We got elements of all endings, and we ended up putting them all together.”

“In the beginning, we were very uncertain about the climax of the movie. We didn’t know how to wrap it up. So that’s why we shot multiple endings. We did a lot of different versions.”

El Arbi added. “When Isabel sees that all is lost, she wants to jump in fire willingly and take Mike with her. Thinking that her son is dead, its better if all died together. It was pretty epic and tragic at the same time. Like some Greek mythology. Maybe it was too much, but you never know.”


All happened for the best, and fans are relieved that another sequel of Bad Boys is under development.

Due to a good choice of climax, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith will have another day in the sun. Fans are more than happy that the movie could deliver and stand up to its prequels, and show off some vintage action scenes.

Ironically, if the end is considered, Armando will be around for the next movie too. Things are going to get more interesting in the upcoming sequel, and fans would love to see the father-son characters in action sequences.

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