Baffling Eternium Quest on Flash

Flash is getting more exciting with each episode. The latest episode was episode three of season 6 ‘Dead Man Running‘. The events in the series now seem to be geared up for the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the huge crossover happening in December.

Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells

 Harrison 'Nash' Wells
Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells

Tom Cavanagh made his appearance as Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells in the third episode. Different avatars of this character have appeared across the six seasons of Flash. Cavanagh does an impressive job of portraying all the different avatars of the character. This time he does not join Team Flash in Central City. Rather, he is on a quest of his own.

The hunt for Eternium

The hunt for Eternium
The hunt for Eternium

Nash Wells is on the lookout for Eternium. DC Comic fans know what Eternium is. These are shards released on the destruction of Rock of Eternity. Rock of Eternity was the lair of Shazam the wizard. Eternium is, therefore, a powerful element of serious consequence. We also see Nash wield a Ruby, that looks like the Morpheus Ruby that manipulates dreams. Previously we also got to see the Book of Destiny (another Sandman related item) on the show. It can be said that Ruby and Eternium might play important roles in the Crisis.

New episodes of Flash air on The CW on Tuesdays. Are you excited about the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover? There’s a huge thing that we know for sure – that Barry Allen/Flash will die on December 20, 2019. Watch the crossover in December to see how and why Flash meets this fate.

Why do you think Nash Wells is looking for Eternium? Do you have any theory related to it? Let us know in the comments section below!

Have you watched the previous episode of Flash? Here is the preview for the next episode.

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