Barack Obama Might Appear In Netflix’s Luke Cage?! Possibly As A Villain…

Over the years, MCU has been able to bring together some of the biggest names in Hollywood to show compelling stories, and these ranged from cameos to massive starring roles. Mike Colter, who stars in Luke Cage knows that there are numerous talented people he’d love to work with including President Barack Obama.

In a recent interview, he mentioned that Obama recently signed a deal with Netflix, teasing a cameo and he hopes that President Obama would make an appearance on Luke Cage in a villainous role. Colter said that Obama could play any role he wants and all doors are open for him.

Netflix has a really wide array of shows and the fan actor according to Colter that could entice Obama to drop by is that they shoot the show in Harlem and there are a good places to eat there. He joked about how he can come to do a cameo and have a bite together. “Over the years, Obama achieved a lot of feats and that’s why he’d be a perfect villain,” says Colter in an interview with TMZ.

“He has been a hero all his life, maybe it’s time to be a villain,” joked Colter. These decisions are made by the showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker and hopefully he would make the right choice. We saw Stan Lee appear in second season of Luke Cage, which could be missed by many but it serves as a reference dating back to ’50’s. He is seen in an ad promoting a lawyer called “Irving Forbush”, which was created by Lee himself in his comics as a generic Marvel employee. He was a prominent part of comics Snafu and even went on to become “Forbush Man”.

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