Barrowman Returns as Arrow’s Merlyn, The Dark Archer

The lead star of the popular TV series, “Arrow”, Stephen Amell teases the fans that his co-star John Barrowman will return as the villain Malcolm Merlyn, dearly known to fans as the dark archer. The character died in the noble act of saving his daughter, indeed comparable to the feat of Captain Barbossa in POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales. 

Stephen Amell slips out info

Stephen Amell slips out info
Malcolm Merlyn, a.k.a., Barrowman

The fans are very excited, and they have many theories of their own. Stephen Amell, on the event of Barrowman’s 50th birthday, as he had done many years previously, himself brought a birthday cake for Barrowman. During the event, unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, he let it slip that the season 8 of Arrow will have Barrowman back as Malcolm.

“He’s back in the show…”

“It’s part of the deal. Every ten years, I put on a tiny suit, and I deliver John Barrowman a birthday cake,” Stephen Amell said, “He’s back in the show in Season 8, and that was actually a rider that he put into his contract.” Although nobody knows how the archer was resurrected from the dead, fans have poured out all their imagination to make interesting theories to justify the fact.

Fan theories on his Resurrection

Fan theories on his Resurrection
A snapshot from the show

Arrow has previously brought back many characters, through various means. Malcolm died in season 5 and will be back in season 8. Malcolm was last seen as a figment of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin, which induced hallucinations. The toxin is known to frighten a person with his greatest fears. Fear is one of the things, which are a part of ourselves but can destroy us. So Scarecrow, with his fear toxin, can indeed be a formidable opponent.

It is yet unknown how the character will be resurrected. We can not wait for Season 8. Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you have some theories, make sure to leave it for other fans to read and get inspired.

Source: CBR, Screenrant


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