Barry Allen meets the future Flash, revealed by the DC.


The Flash as a speedster.

When it comes to being a speedster, time travel is the most deadly and fragile weapon. That whole course of switching time dimensions and getting into an entirely different world is genuinely not everybody’s cup of tea. But The Flash was the only super who learned about his skills and abilities from his future self making him the one of his kind in the history of the DC cinemas. “The term “Year One” became synonymous with Batman when Frank Miller revealed the earliest days of Bruce Wayne’s mission. The same form of refreshed origin story was expected for The Flash”

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The Flash
The flash

Barry Allen, The Flash witnesses his future self who is, of course, more powerful as speedsters grows better with age. “After realizing that Barry Alllens mind is too blown to recognize their resemblance, this older Flash reveals that he is Barry Allen, “a few years closer to the finish line.” Sadly, Central City has fallen under the rule of Turtle, a rogue that this older and wiser Barry Allen admits he never took seriously enough.”  Barry is trapped in a post-destructive world located somewhere in the future and the only way out is he himself.

Both Barry’s would fight together to form an alliance in order to fight the real culprit behind that massive destruction of the central city.

With much of the issue containing two different versions of Barry, Williamson and Porter find a way to make both iterations of the character wholly recognizable as the Central City speedster while keeping them distinctly different from each other. Williamson has always had a laudably excellent grasp on Barry’s voice and mental state, and the contrast between the two versions here further underscores this.

Williamson is associated with Barry as a character since Dc started re-bringing its superheroes which started about 2 years ago. Williamson and Porter did everything in their power to keep both the character visibly distinguishable.

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