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Barry or Wally? Color Confusion In Superman# 2!?


Brain Bendis moves onto his new series after the hit man of steal mini. while his latest issue was fun and great there was some confusion for which he provided explanation for on his twitter

after his Man of Steel intro, which sent Lois Lane and Jon Kent into space, Bendis is now focusing on Earth getting sucked into the Phantom Zone with various tyrants on the loose. Thus, Superman called in Barry Allen at the Fortress of Solitude for assistance, only for the Flash to remove his mask and reveal red hair akin to that of Wally West

Bendis tweeted out why this happened, although it seems he’s cleverly covering up a color error! smart!

I know there was some confusion on this BUT I can’t answer that until after doomsday clock is over. or I’m lying and someone screwed up something 🙂

There’s a strong possibility is the book’s colorist didn’t give Barry his blonde hair, thinking it was Wally in the artwork.or it could be just Wally west, even thou superman called out for Barry, are we about to see something odd and new? let find out in a few weeks!