Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Dresses In Badass DC Hero Costume For Halloween

Leslie Grace had earlier played the lead role in the Warner Bros musical In The Heights earlier this year and was then announced as the star of Batgirl. She was shortlisted among other talented actresses like Haley Lu Richardson, Zoey Deutch, and Isabella Merced. Grace has been very excited about playing Batgirl and has also been very vocal about it. After the announcement, she said, “I am beyond excited to embody Barbara Gordon, your Batgirl!

Leslie Grace Is FReady To Play Batgirl

Leslie Grace as Batgirl
Leslie Grace as Batgirl

Grace also shared the first look at her Batgirl suit on Twitter as she wore a Halloween costume of the character, complete with the light-up mask. She posted it on TikTok saying, “”When they ask for pictures of the Batgirl suit.”

However, an official image of Grace in her Batgirl suit has not been released yet, a glimpse at the costume was seen in a concept art revealed at DC FanDome this month. It was also revealed that Grace will wear will the traditional Batgirl cowl alongside her iconic red hair during the virtual event.

Check out her costume below:

The shooting for Batgirl will begin in Glasgow in November, with the city once again playing Gotham after the production of The Flash recently wrapping up there. The film’s cast has The Mummy star Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly while JK Simmons will return to play the role of Commissioner Gordon, a character he has earlier played in the Justice League film. The Batgirl might take place in the Snyderverse considering Simmons’ inclusion rather than the universe established by Matt Reeves’ The Batman next year.

For now, not much is known about Batgirl, it is exciting to see Warner Bros. and DC giving this character her own chance than struggling to give her screentime in any Batman film to date. The character has also appeared briefly in the Harley Quinn animated series but is yet to be seen in the live-action version yet since 1997’s Batman & Robin, where the character was played by Alicia Silverstone.

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