In this world, there are things more precious than money. Pets and rescue animal associations talk in the media to boost adoption rates. Nowadays, social media impacts our lives very keenly. These animal rescue teams are using social media to encourage the public to adopt. One such call had this Guardians of the Galaxy star to answer. The Hollywood actor Batista took a bonded Pitbulls. We all know that Batista portrays Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems the actor isn’t as deadly rough as his character. 

The bonded Pitbulls Story

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Batista with Pitbulls

Fox 13 recently updated an article on its site regarding the adoption story of two Pitbulls by Dave Batista. The story is, Tampa-area shelter on facebook posted a notice last month. Two bonded Pitbulls have been brought in recently, and they have been looking for a family to adopt them. 

Batista answered their askings shortly after this FB post was viral. He posted on Instagram to confirm the adoption of both Maggie and Ollie, the Pitbulls. The bonded pair belonged to Hillsborough County’s Pet Resource Center.

Batista About the Pitbulls

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Batista with adopted Pitbulls

The actor shared photos of the Pitbulls with the caption “I needed them; they needed me.”

He further added, revealing that the beautiful babies were abused and neglected in their first six years. Admittedly, The actor loves and fills the animals lives with joy and happiness. He mentioned his gratitude to the beautiful Michelle Baker, Lisa Bricker, and Kimberly Thorpe. Firstly, These are the animal lovers because of whom he got to know about these animals. Secondly, It was because of these animal lover’s hard work and safety hands.the two were kept together.

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Batista as Drax

And also, Captain America actor Chris Evans is a dog lover. As a result, his posts made his dog Dodger an Internet Celebrity

Source: ComicBook


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