Batman 2: 5 Things We Wish To See In The Sequel

The Batman is the most recent film starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight. In this detective story by Matt Reeves, we see Batman taking it out against villains like The Riddler (played by Paul Dano), Carmine Falcone (portrayed by John Turturro), The Penguin (played by Colin Farrell), and Catwoman (played by Zoë Kravitz). With various sequels and spin-offs already under talks, it is high time we actually start looking at what we expect to see in them.

Batman has quite an impressive gallery of rogues in the comics, so there are many characters left at Reeves’ disposal. In this list, we are going to count down a few things that we want Pattinson’s Batman to do in The Batman sequel. 

The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls
The infamous Batman villain might debut in Batman 2

The Court of Owls stands among the few modern Batman villains that stand above the rest. Reeves’ The Batman is seen tackling themes of corruption within Gotham City, and the Court seems like a perfect follow-up to this central idea. In the legendary comic book run by Scott Snyder, we witness The Court of Owls breaking down Batman’s psyche, revealing to fans that the corruption within Gothan runs deeper than one can think. It also establishes the fact that a secret society has worked efficiently in influencing a lot of things in the city for years.

After taking on villains like The Penguin and Falcone, showing this Batman deal with the Court shows that Gotham City still needs a hero. The Court is definitely among the few villain(s) that manages to challenge Bruce mentally and physically, which means that we might get to see Batman take on the Talon while also keeping the detective-noir aspects from the sophomore film.


Hush in DC Comics

Hush is yet another puzzle for our hero to solve. In the iconic story by Jim Lee titledBatman: Hush, we get to see Batman going up against his usual rogues’ gallery while also trying to take on a new enemy, Hush. The Dark Knight tries his best to unmask this threat while he is also dealing with villains like The Joker, Harley Quinn, and others who are trying to break him down. Moreover, we believe that Pattinson’s take on Batman would perfectly fit in a Hush storyline.

After fighting against the Riddler, Hush would try to make Batman snap, forcing him into a state of unease. Hush is a great Batman villain but he might bear way too many similarities to Riddler. Still, if the character gets a few tweaks, he’d be quite a formidable villain.

The Joker Seems Certain in Batman 2

The Joker
Barry Keoghan’s Joker

Since The Joker (Barry Keoghan) made an appearance in the post-credits scene of The Batman, it’s more likely that the iconic villain will certainly show up in the sequel to The Batman. Even if they are planning to save the Joker’s debut as the villain for the final film in the trilogy, the villain could play a better role in the franchise as it rages.

In the deleted scene of The Batman, our hero visits Arkham Asylum to question the Joker regarding the Riddler. The Joker is seen flipping through police files before he closes in on the psyche of Bruce Wayne, forcing the Dark Knight to leave as the cell can be heard getting filled with the iconic laughter of the villain.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy
We are yet to see Poison Ivy on the big screen
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