Batman 2021 Movie shooting begins in UK

Batman 2021 Movie shooting begins in UK Robert Pattinson
Batman 2021 Movie shooting begins in UK Robert Pattinson

The Batman’s shooting

The movie makers for Batman now set a clear road for the start of the shooting of the new upcoming Batman movie in the United Kingdom.

This proposed production start for The Batman lines up with previous rumors that the film will start shooting this fall. With the official release date for the film now set at June 25, 2021, there’s not a lot of room for delay left that Reeves could utilize; he almost has to get this film underway before the end of 2019, which subsequently means there will have to be official details revealed for it (casting, storyline) fairly soon. Suffice to say, DC’s presentation at San Diego Comic-Con this year will be an eventful one.

Robert Pattinson To Play The New Batman

Robert Pattinson To play the New Batman In the movie
Robert Pattinson To play the New Batman In the movie

Fans are way too excited for the movie since the time they realised that the main twilight star Robert Pattinson would be taking the new Batman role in the movie. There have been rumors that X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult can also take the role. Robert Pattinson didn’t reveal anything critical information on the matter. On asking him about the movie, he replied, “I’m sorry, but I absolutely can’t talk about that”.

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Indiewire also noted the following about Pattinson’s Cannes interviews: “He had prepared a pat answer for any press queries about his pending deal on Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.” “I am only answering questions about ‘The Lighthouse,’” he said, smiling,” Indie Wire wrote.

People have assumed that the Batman is going to deal with Bruce Wayne’s younger state in the movie ‘The Batman’. “Hints and teases from Reeves seem to indicate that his Batman movie will be a true detective Noir tale, and will feature a lineup of iconic Batman rogues. Casting those rogues is an equally big step; DC fans have been seeing a lineup of fan-casting choices or actors even campaigning for roles.”

Do let us know in the comment section who’d be an ideal match for the role?

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