Batman: Best Red Hood Batman Ninja Fanart

Batman needs no introduction, he is one of the most popular superhero in DC. His charm and his cool persona is what makes him so unique. He is a powerful superhero with his awesome bat-suit, and his great fighting skills. Thanks to the extremely hard training he has done to make himself more powerful and tough for the battles he has to fight in order to protect the Gotham City. He even gets crazier with his abilities in the 2018 animated movie, Batman Ninja.

Jason Todd, the second Robin in the original comics takes the role of Batman Ninja for a short period of time. As Jason Todd was also the second person to assume the alias of Red Hood. This gave fans a chance to create a lot of cool arts combining the two concepts.

1. A Beautiful Night To Smoke!!

This beautiful ink and color art is made by Lisa Draws. It shows how different the Nightwing and Red Hood. Nightwing is behind the wall, he is a warrior and is no longer in his mentor’s shadow and Red Hood is in front of the wall. He is smoking and is pulled down by his trauma and is trying to calm his mind down.

2. Transformation From The Battle!!

Red Hood is smoking in this artwork as well. A great piece made by Inkydandy. It is a very well made art and portrays Jason Todd smoking. The colors and the mood looks perfectly appropriate for the character. All the trauma with his family has changed him and made him into a tough fellow.

3. Red Hood Having Fun!!

The Red Hood can be seen having fun with his brothers in this great artwork made by Tsukeoni. It really shows Red Hood’s personality and his fun side. It shows that even though there is a darkness of the trauma and the past, but still Jason Todd is just a human and wants to have some fun with his family.

4. Blends With The Environment!!

This artwork is by Ice Ven. It is a very neat art and is a perfect match with Red Hood’s personality. The red color represents his feisty side and the rest just blends with the environment, just like a good warrior. It is a great sketch, that just suits everyone’s taste.

5. A Red Helmet Warrior!!

This awesome piece is made by perditionxroad. The background shows how Robin feels from the inside. Red moon and grery colors show the fighting spirit of Red Hood. The color palate is just what makes it look more appealing.

6. Beautiful Colors!!

The colors of this artwork are just beautiful. This piece is made by Hassan Hussain. The lines are so clean and the vibrant red color makes it better. The simple background is making the red color pop.

7. Brothers For Life!!

A beautiful digital painting created by Kiwiliko. The colors are so pretty and sets the mood real good. The picture shows Jason Todd and Tim Drake in the the icy cold forests of Japan. They might fight sometimes but they do share a brotherly bond.

8. Blue Cold Ice!!

This artwork is by Inkydandy and we are just in love with it. The red background and the Bright blue eyes makes the artwork more appealing. The simplicity and the neat lines are really impressive.

9. Always Ready To Fight!!

This beautiful artwork is by Nez Umi. And the artwork is very clean and very attractive. The colors are just so appealing and the expresses the Red Hood’s persona very well.

Red Hood is a very popular character and fans loves to make fan arts for him. Tell us in the comments what you think about these marvelous fan arts.


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