Batman Beyond: More about the Scrapped Return of the Joker Sequel Revealed

2019 not only notes the 80th anniversary of Batman but the 20th anniversary of the popular DC animated series Batman Beyond. Series co-creator and DCAU designer Bruce Timm has currently revealed new information. It concerns a ditched follow up to the series’ spinoff film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.


Batman Beyond Sequel Related To The Joker

Timm provided fans with a suggestion of what the follow-up to Return of the Joker would undoubtedly have featured. It consisted of a giant spin regarding collection protagonist Terry McGinnis.  It took place at the Batman Beyond 20th anniversary panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, 


” Catwoman was likely to be our leading bad guy in the 2nd flick,” stated Timm. “She was the one who duplicated Bruce Wayne to develop Terry, yet that was most likely to be our big surprise in our next motion picture.” This idea would indeed later be repurposed, as Return of the Joker did not offer well adequate to validate moving on the follow-up.


Catwoman’s Importance in Batman Beyond

 Catwoman’s Importance in Batman Beyond

From exactly how Timm defines things, it seems Catwoman would undoubtedly have contributed to Terry’s very presence. Well, if the film had gone into production. The discovery of Terry being a partial duplicate of Bruce would be in the Justice League Unlimited episode “Requiem.” However, Catwoman was not involved in that story. It likewise appears like Selina Kyle might not have had important objectives in cloning Bruce. She apparently would have been the film’s antagonist.

Legacy of Batman Beyond

Legacy of Batman Beyond

Return of the Joker released on residence video in December of 2000. The main Batman Beyond series remained in the middle of its third period. The film complies with the still-living and also far more dangerous Joker as he wreaks havoc on Neo-Gotham. It’s 35 years after supposedly dying in his end of the world with Bruce. It drops upon Terry to address the mystery of the Clown Prince of Crime’s return and stop him at last. Many followers consider the movie to be one of the darkest Batman features to date.


Watch the trailer for Batman: Beyond here:


Source: Cbr, Polygon

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