Batman Changed His Assassin Son For Better, Confirms Robin

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Robin #6

While many would find Damian Wayne as one of the most headstrong bears of the Robin title to date, he has grown a bit of humility to subdue his massive ego. Trained by The League of Assassins to be a fighter, Robin was really dangerous as he was stubborn and cocky, unable to find any faults with his character. However, while doing some soul searching away from Gotham at the League of Lazarus, Damian has admitted that Batman’s training and deprogramming had changed him for good.

Robin aka Damian Wayne Is In The Tournament of Lazarus

Damian Wayne in DC Comics
Damian Wayne in DC Comics

In Robin #6 by Gleb Melnikov, the death tournament of Lazarus League is in full swing. The fighters on Lazarus Island are now against each other with the hope of extracting the secret to eternal life. Robin goes against his first two challengers, taking them out by making full use of his training, both under Batman and his mother, Talia. After taking out his foes, Damian takes some time to rest, watching fights and trading notes on the island’s mystery with Hawke, Ravager, and Flatline. After he gets interrupted by Respawn, the rest of the fighters gather in the arena again to kick off round 3 of the tournament which begins with a free-for-all. Amidst this chaos, Damian manages to get hold of Mother Soul’s time and runs away to decode it. As Damian realizes what’s happening, the comics come to an end with Respawn in hot pursuit of Robin.

Robin #6 by DC Comics
Robin #6 by DC Comics

Robin makes it through to the first two rounds easily. He used the moves learned from his parents efficiently, targetting key clusters in the body to disrupt their moves. Ultimately, Robin finishes both of his fights in the time that most fighters take to finish one brawl. As he awaits his next fighter, Mother Soul states that he should be patient as he doesn’t seem to enjoy the carnage of combat as much as others.

Damian’s attitude during his fights is a massive shift from his initial appearance where he enjoyed any opportunity to use his combat training and kill. He had to be snapped out of his bloodlust by Nightwing, Batman, or Alfred for his own benefit. Damian would see killing as the way of dealing with criminals as taught to him by the League of Assassins. With time, Damian has grown closer to his father and his lust for blood has stymied. Here, it seems that Damian’s newfound restraint gives him the advantage that he needs to survive in the League of Lazarus, helping him avoid blind rage.

Damian Wayne, much like Bruce, is stubborn and independent as a teenager. While his stubborn personality has remained intact while he worked under his father, Robin has finally admitted that his father’s training has changed him in a positive way.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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