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Batman ripped by Batgirl over his city of bane vacation … and she is right !!

Things went downhill for Batman/Bruce Wayne during “City of Bane.” exactly After the arc’s titular villain broke Bruce’s back, and Batman/Thomas Wayne was the one who helped him recover. He met Catwoman/Selina kyle when she saved him from being beaten up by his father which lead them to the beach where they spent an ample amount of time.

Moments between Batman and Catwoman

moments captured between Batman and Catwoman

Their beach trip not only consisted of their moments but they were also setting up a plan to take down bane. During that time, Bane had his dynasty over Gotham and due to the interference of Damian Wayne/Robin despite an explicit warning for all Batman Family members to stay away snapped Alfred’s neck which led to another havoc Barbara Gordon/Bat-girl calls Bruce out for taking a vacation exactly when he was needed in the city which leads to the death of Alfred.

Barbara Gordon and her character

The bewitching batwoman

Barbara Gordon is downright blunt and stated legit facts no matter their degree of bitterness and brutality.

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