Batman Turns Brutal in Curse of the White Knight!

The Dark Knight smashes his most liberal rule and kills an offensive Batman knave in Batman: Curse of the White Knight. What made him do so?

Going Beyond the Rules, and More

Batman’s biggest rule is that he does not kill people.

It came to know by some sources that in Batman: Curse of the White Knight, Batman abandoned the principles to settle down a villain for good, and he also resulted in this by killing Azrael. Azrael was a part of a society of killers who were discovered by the order of St. Dumas. Batman’s most prominent law is that he doesn’t kill people. It always has a part of his moral code and has led to infinite disputes within his personal Bat-Family. 

Revenge on Batman by Azrael

Batman and Azrael have a fiery confrontation in Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight of Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth has put Bruce Wayne and Batman in an all original light. In the story, it has been exposed that Batman is not a Wayne, as Azrael is undoubtedly a part of the Wayne family. Azrael has endeavored retaliation on Batman by destroying James Gordon, while almost killing Batgirl. During the initial White Knight curve created with a healed Joker attempting to deliver Batman as the villain. The exposing factor caused Batman to expose his real character to the world, give on his luck, also for him to go on one ultimate purpose before changing himself into the Gotham City PD: Kill Azrael and then settle a finish to his Batman persona. 

An Eventual Game of Fortune for Batman

Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth Batman: Curse of the White Knight has put Bruce Wayne and Batman in an all-new light.

The inflamed Batman cuts Azrael’s throat in a surprising time. These two hold one decisive moment before Azrael bleeds out and expires. The Batman: Curse of the White Knight ends with Batman founding himself into jail and that his fate will be scattered across Gotham. It is a fitting end to a grand arc that showed unafraid to move up Batman’s focus story and beliefs. 

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