Batman: Two-Face Became Gotham’s City New Dangerous Game !!

Detective Comics #1021: Two-Face reappears to terrorize Gotham City, but this time, he’s more frightful than ever.

Dark Knight’s most Formidable Enemy

Harvey Dent has been a constant thorn in Batman’s side, but the levels of his menace were always, more or less, relatively the same.

The criminals from Gotham’s City that hold Batman’s wretch gallery have troubled the city and its inhabitants for years, and each new effort has eternally shown graver than the last. Batman has failed to prevent the Band of Two-Face, a rival of the superhero Batman, getting over Gotham City. The Two-Face has long been one of the Dark Knight’s usual terrible foes, but he’s grown to a new point of influence in James Tynion IV Detective Comics run. The Religion of Two-Face credits in the quality of duality, and they help Two-Face with religious desire. 

Harvey Dent Plans Foster in Quick Time

In Detective Comics #1020, Two-Face becomes more frightening than ever before.

Two-Face was back in Gotham City, and he has installed a real cult in his name. Two-Face considers his cultists are assisting and guarding Gotham City by playing as harsh vigilantes, carrying down every ‘unsavory’ artist. Two-Face’s brain has fragmented to an earlier curtained stage, and he’s now undergoing a particular case of various personality disorders. However, the Harvey Dent persona carries over; all it does is keeping the Batman busy. His comprehensive theory of Gotham’s gangnam suggests he’s capable of taking it over with a ferocious pace; his agents quickly catch everybody from Penguin to Catwoman

Two-Face, a Puppet

As Batman comes to grasps with Two-Face’s evolution, it’s revealed what Harvey Dent has really been up to

DC’s propositions have recommended that Two-Face is nothing more than a creature with his lines being stretched by the Joker. The Joker seems intimidated by Superman’s exposing his hidden identity to the world and understands that Batman may follow suit. Detective Comics #1021 closes with Batman, fortunately, discovering the Cult of Two-Face’s center of services. He shoots Batman not fewer than ten times at the direct range, dropping the Dark Knight above the ground, blood trickling down his front. 

Watch this video to know why Batman left Gotham City…

Sources: Batman Fandom, DC Comics

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