Batman Would Have Died In Zack Snyder’s Original DCEU Plans

Zack Snyder initially had a five-part plan for the DCEU before he decided to step away from Justice League. While DCEU is currently heading to a completely different direction now, the director isn’t holding back at revealing what might have been-including the death of Batman.

A fan named Ramesh De Silva recently shared a fan art of Superman carrying Batman’s body with the caption, “what we may have seen in the 5 story arc.” And, well, Snyder even replied back to the fan-art, saying a simple “of course.”

Snyder has previously teased about the deaths of main characters, especially the three crosses in the background during the death scene of Superman in the Final cut of BvS: Dawn of Justice. He later revealed that this was a reference to a possible Justice League 2. This gives us a clear idea that Justice League 2 would’ve gone on to pursue the Final Crisis storyline from the comics. Even Silva’s art is similar to an image in Final Crisis, where Batman dies.

So, if Snyder’s plan was to kill Batman, then presumably the outcome that Affleck signed for, with potentially his solo film ending with the hero’s death. However, at this point, we don’t know how things could’ve worked out, as DCEU is now taking a different route and while Snyder fans have been vocal about the release of “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, many even debate if such a cut actually exists.

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