Batman’s Origin Story Just Got Even MORE Tragic

One of the heart wrenching, most defining moments in Bruce Wayne’s life was the death of his parents when he was just a toddler. The tragic moment helped shape him into Batman. His origin just received a twist which somehow made the death of Bruce’s parents even more heartbreaking.

Fake death reasons

 batman parents death and revelations
Pseudo-reason for batman’s parent’s death

Bruce’s parents were famously killed in an ally by a mugger after his family went to the theater to see a movie but their death has been reinterpreted in comics, and on the small and big screen over recent years. A key detail of their death that was later retconned was the film Bruce and his parents saw being Zorro and the reason they saw The Mask of Zorro plays a tragic new part in Batman’s story.

Shocking revelations

batman parents death
Shocking revelations that shook batman’s origin

Murphy hasn’t been hesitant to significantly play with Batman’s origin in his story’s own continuity. The last issue of Batman: Curse of the White Knight ended with the massive reveal that Bruce Wayne’s entire family lineage was built on a lie and that he wasn’t truly a Wayne. Instead, Azrael was a true descendant of the Wayne bloodline. In a flashback, ahead of his parent’s funeral, Bruce is seeing staring at a pair of swords mounted to the wall. He tearfully tells Alfred that he wanted to go see Zorro because his father said he couldn’t play with swords and hence Bruce blames himself for his parent’s deaths.

Touching Moment

 batman parents death
Heart-wrenching moment

Alfred tells Bruce that if he is ready to go to his parent’s funeral, he’ll allow him to hold the rapier. He says he will teach him to use the sword and show him how to fight so that he knows what to do next time he’s in danger. “Like Zorro?” Bruce asks. “Like Zorro,” Alfred responds as he hugs Bruce. It’s a truly touching moment. But after the above revelations, Batman’s origin just got even more tragic.


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