Batwoman: Camrus Johnson Now Responds To Ruby Rose’s Allegations

Finally, the allegations made by Batwoman star Ruby Rose have been responded to by Camrus Johnson in his tweets. The actress made allegations about the poor working conditions and abuse that she had to undergo on the set of CW’s Batwoman. Johnson plays the role of Luke Fox and has been one of the main characters on the show since its inception. Playing the son of Batman’s tech expert friend, Lucius Fox, Luke is a prominent member if Kate Kane’s team in the Batcave, before taking on the mantle of Batwing in the second season.

Ruby Rose Slammed Batwoman Producers For Poor Working Conditions

Ruby Rose poses at the premiere for "The Meg" in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Ruby Rose poses at the premiere for “The Meg” in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ruby Rose, who starred in the show’s first season left the show soon after the season finale and was later replaced by Javicia Leslie. In a social media yesterday, Rose made many allegations against the Warner Bros cast, producers, and crew members, also detailing the injuries that she suffered while filming Batwoman. She even claimed that other stunt people were also injured. She even named co-star Dougray Scott as abusive and even stated Johnson as an ‘egomaniac kid’.

Now Johnson has voiced his response via Twitter in a three-tweet thread. The actor revealed that Ruby Rose was fired from Batwoman and that “it’s very tough to be fired from a show if you’re the lead.” He further refuted her allegations, stating that “a lot of lies were spread by her.” In the last message, Johnson reminded fans to watch the latest Batwoman season 3 episode.

However, Johnson isn’t the first one to respond to Ruby Rose’s claims. Scott has also refuted her allegations, saying that Rose’s remarks were defamatory, while WBTV stated that she was fired due to “multiple complaints about the workplace behavior.” However, Ray Fisher supported Rose as Fisher has also made similar complaints about the studio earlier.

While this verbal battle between Batwoman producers and Ruby Rose continues, more individuals are expected to come with their version of the story. For now, all we can do and wait as the story unfolds.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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