Batwoman Receives Critical Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

The Batwoman’s pilot episode, which aired on Sunday, features Kate Kane (played by Ruby Rose), who is Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Kate Kane is standing on the edge of the building overlooking Gotham City. Kate decides to protect Gotham in Bruce’s absence. Just like Bruce Wayne’s Batman, her cape waves through the air behind her in the night. This scenario is supposed to invoke richness; instead, it comes across as daft. This is because of unprofessional choreography, cheap suit, and dialogues, which are so unlike the Batwoman in DC Comics.

Batwoman’s Timeline

Batwoman’s Timeline
I am the Damn Superwoman


Batwoman is the new CW series that is set within the Arrow universe. Last year, actress Ruby Rose made her debut as Batwoman in the crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. The crossover plot was based on the story from the 2010 graphic novel Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka. Kate Kane is a West Point dropout who fails to make it in the Army. Kate also lost her girlfriend Sophie (played by Meagan Tandy) because she refused to hide the fact that she’s a lesbian. Flashbacks from the memories also showcase her losing her mother and sister in an accident. The show is fast-forwards to three years after Bruce Wayne’s disappearance from Gotham City. Kate comes back upon getting the news of Sophie’s kidnapping by the main villain Alice and her Wonderland gang. While navigating the dynamics of her blended family, Kate learns of Bruce’s secret identity and picks up the mantle to protect Gotham.

Rotten Tomatoes Review

Rotten Tomatoes Review
If Someone says No, you are asking the Wrong Person!


On Rotten Tomatoes, the series — which has only aired one episode so far — has an Audience Score of just 8% thanks to a plethora of one-star (or lower) reviews. However, while some of those 2,250+ reviewers have expressed constructive critiques about the writing and acting, others appear less concerned with offering valid criticism and more concerned with simply seeing the series fail. “Anyway to give this show a 0/5 it was straight up trash!!!” one user wrote. “Terrible, but that was to be expected,” wrote another.

Conversely, Season 1 of Batwoman currently has a “Fresh” Tomatometer rating of 72% with 39 critic ratings. The consensus reads, “Though it needs more time to develop its own identity to truly soar, Batwoman‘s fun and stylish first season is a step in the right direction for representation and superhero shows alike.”

You can check out the trailer for Batwoman below:

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