Batwoman trailer receives 318k dislikes

The Arrowverse has been moving forward very strongly, with shows such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Batwoman, speaking of the female bat it’s not looking good for her, the trailer received over 300k dislikes on YouTube!

Batwoman also known as Kate Kane is played by Ruby Rose who also appeared in, Oranage Is The New Black and the Meg. Rose said in many interviews that this character is very important to her, having to grow up in a small and poor house Rose’s mother would make her bat wings out of cardboard, her mother also cared for sick bats having the animal meaning a lot to Rose.

The comment are mainly targeting rose with too many ‘Women’ lines see an example down below. “It will be once it fits a women” This line was describing Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) finding the bat-cave and trying on her cousins suit. The trailer currently has 69k likes on YouTube, many YouTube reaction videos describe the trailer “a little over the top” another line that upset DC fans was quite something…

“They think I’m him, I’m not about to let a man take credit for a women’s work”
People weren’t happy about this cringy line, many pointed out she used his suit and technology, Batman deserved a shout out. The show is produced by Greg Berlanti who Brough you Riverdale, The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and the 2018 LGBTQ+ movie Love, Simon he also directed Green Lantern…

Speaking of LGBTQ+ Batwoman is the first lesbian Superhero to lead her own show, many of the Arrowverse shows do have team mates apart of the community but Batwoman is the first ever show to lead with it, we also seen in the trailer she’s apart of the military where she met her girlfriend, and where she got her fighting and survival background

The show premieres this fall along with the other Arrowverse shows, Batwoman will also star in November’s Crisis On Infinite Earths

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