‘Because Half of Them Were Already Drunk’: Internet Mega Trolls Kid Rock Fans Who Trashed Venue After Singer Cancelled Concert Due to Bad Weather

There are some incidents that remind us of how inconsequential and helpless we are. We have naturally always been mere subjects to nature’s whims. Kid Rock realized that the hard way, and his fans probably could not realize it at all. The singer was forced to cancel his concert due to bad weather. The action precipitated an angry response from his fans who did not leave a stone unturned while trashing the concert site. Looks like Kid Rock has been rocked by twin storms.

Kid Rock
Kid Rock had to cancel his concert due to an impending storm

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Kid Rock had to cancel his concert because of a storm

Kid Rock
Fans didn’t respond lightly to Kid Rock not performing

The canceled concert, which was supposed to be held on Friday night in North Dakota, was going to follow up a 2.5 hours opening performance by Night Ranger, the opening act. Kid Rock’s performance was supposed to start at around 9:30 PM at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot.

The storm which was brewing on the outskirts of the town with some wind and lightning was the reason why Kid Rock’s performance was delayed.

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Kid Rock fans triggered

Kid Rock
Fans livid at Kid Rock concert site

When fans realized what they were in for, they were somewhat disappointed. And they showed their discontent the way a normal crowd would – by trashing the place where it was supposed to be held.

As the fans thought that the storm had passed, they could not come to a reasonable conclusion why the singer had not shown up by 11 o’clock. The fans, who numbered 18000, were angered – and somewhat drunk. So they stormed the stage and turned the whole place upside down.

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Twitter reacts, says fans were drunk

The chaotic scenes which unfolded at the concert site provided a lot of stock to laugh at for the fans.

Some also claimed that this was to be expected from his conservative fandom.

Kid Rock later apologized to his fans for the cancellation, claiming that mother nature was to be blamed.

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Source: TMZ

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