Before Tom Brady Divorce, American Skiing Champion and Sports Model Lindsey Vonn Had Already Branded $400M Rich Gisele Bundchen as ‘Too Intimidating’

American golfer Tiger Woods recently split up with his longtime girlfriend Erica Herman, whom he had been dating since 2017. The media is at it again and speculations about his next potential girl are already in the works. And surprisingly or not, unbeknownst to her Gisele Bundchen is a frontrunner in that race. These speculations do inspire curiosity as the Brazilian supermodel was somewhat close to one of Woods’ ex-girlfriends, Lindsey Vonn, who said quite a few interesting things about Bundchen as well.

Why was Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn intimidated by Gisele Bundchen?

Lindsey Vonn was intimidated by Gisele Bundchen
Lindsey Vonn and Gisele Bundchen

Tiger Woods started dating alpine ski racer and model Lindsey Vonn after he got divorced from his wife of six years, Elin Nordegren, in 2010. Vonn met Gisele Bundchen when they were recording a line of commercials for Under Armour. In 2014, she was in conversation with Elle Magazine where she shared the experience of meeting the former Victoria’s Secret angel.

“I was so intimidated. I told her: ‘I don’t really want to stand next to you. You are too pretty. Can you just stand over there?'”

Vonn further described the 42-year-old,

“Gisele is really nice, so down to earth. She is a model, but also has kids and works out. She is a strong-willed person.”

Seeing how Vonn and Bundchen seem to have an affinity, maybe the supermodel really might be an ideal partner for Woods. After all, she falls in line with the kind of women the 47-year-old professional golfer has a history of being involved with.

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Who has the odds of becoming Tiger Woods’ next girl?

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Woods does not have a very appealing reputation when it comes to relationships and fidelity. His marriage with Nordegren, with whom he shares two kids, ended because of his multiple extra-marital affairs. Since then, he has navigated through various women, and according to oddsmakers, his next “conquest” might be none other than Gisele Bundchen.

Bundchen herself finalized her divorce from her husband of 13 years Tom Brady after he reportedly made a conscious decision to unretire and again prioritize his game over his family. The former couple shares two kids who they are now co-parenting.

Tiger Woods with ex-girlfriend Erica Herman
Tiger Woods with ex-girlfriend Erica Herman

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers player has been linked with several women since his divorce but none of these relationships have ever been officially confirmed. Meanwhile, Bundchen was linked with her jiu-jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente for a long time last year, but nothing came out of that rumor either.

In the list of odds for Woods’ potential new girlfriend, Bundchen is at the top with +2500 odds, and right behind her is Kim Kardashian with +3500 odds followed by Shakira with +5000 odds.

Although, only time will tell how reliable these odds really are.

Smriti Sneh
Smriti Sneh

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