12 Behind The Scenes Images You Can’t Unsee!

What’s behind all those CGI and VFX that you see in the Super Hero movies? This is something that we often wonder. However, this time we at Animated Times wanted to bring to you what actually goes on behind the scenes in a superhero movie. How crappy is the costume? How awkward does it feels to watch them without any makeup? How crappy and shitty does everything looks without CGI and VFX. Well, this post will answer everything for you. Here is the best 12 Behind the Scene images we could manage to get for you.

1. Lets start off with this is Sparta. Remember the iconic scenes. Well that was just not true. Not even one bit. See for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Behind the scene of '300' movie

2. Deadpool. Well, this is what it actually looked like. So would you like watching Deadpool 2 without CGI?

Deadpool without CGI

3. The Lex Luthor that we don’t want. Here is something from SmallVille. Hope you guys love this Lex Luthor.

4. Okay! So what looked the most realistic thing in the entire Superman movie was not real. What the hell is that now?

5. Meet him. His name is James Spader and he is your Ultron. James Spader is one of the finest actors there ever is. And behind all the CGI and all, we kind of missed the opportunity to witness his talent on the big screen.

6. The thing that ruined it all. Here we present to you the famous moustache of Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill's moustache

7. The actor with the stunt lady. Both are our Wonder Woman.

8. This image is from Infinity War and we are so open for speculations now.

9. I will make it easy for you. This is from Guardians of Galaxy and the green guy is not Groot.

on the sets of Guardians of Galaxy

10. The Secret of Mr. Stephen Strange

11. You remember the iconic train scene of Wolverine 2. Well, this is how it was shot.

12. Friends and Foes. Oh we love them both to the core.


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