Ben Affleck Bows Out of Multi-Million Dollar Batman Project Right After Shelling Out $64M for Jennifer Lopez’s Pacific Palisades Dream Home

Amid so many rumors and headlines around his marriage troubles, Ben Affleck has a lot going on in his career. The Batman star might be returning as the dark knight for DCEU’s two upcoming films but he seems to be done with the character and its solo movie project. Affleck has become a topic of discussion these days with the most recent incident being his Grammys memes. Although it gave way to rumors about marriage troubles with his wife Jennifer Lopez, the couple recently reported having bought a mansion. That does not sound as if they are splitting with each other any time soon.

Ben Affleck Abandons Batman Movie Amid His Marriage-Related Rumors

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

A lot seems to be going on around Ben Affleck. He is up in the news constantly, his memes are everywhere, and whatnot. Following his absence at the 95th Oscars along with Jennifer Lopez, it came to light that he is busy with his upcoming project Air, a movie based on Michael Jordan. And make all this, he sat for an interview recently and talked about other projects. And as it turns out, he will be reprising his Batman role in DCEU’s The Flash and Aquaman.

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Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

But he has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he is done with Batman. According to him following   Justice League, he had no interest whatsoever in continuing the same storyline for his portrayal of the Caped Crusader. Affleck admitted to hating the plot of the Justice League. Although the movie is one of the highest-rated in the list of all his Hollywood projects, the actor said,

“I’m out. I never want to do any of this again. I’m not suited.”

From his words, it can be understood that his reprisal in the two upcoming DC movies, would be his last. Affleck’s role in Batman V Superman was highly loved and praised by the fans. It was what marked his start as DCEU’s Batman. Unfortunately for his fans, he has decided to discontinue his portrayal of The superhero.

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He Recently Bought A Multi-Million Dollar Mansion With Jenifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

While busy with his upcoming film projects, Ben Affleck has also been house-hunting with his wife Jennifer Lopez. And only some days ago, the couple was reported to have settled for a 64 million dollar mansion in LA. The mansion was owned by Gregory Milken and is located in Pacific  Palisades. The couple had been searching for the perfect real estate since 2021. And in between, they settled on two (one for 50 million dollars and another for 34 million dollars). But in both the cases they ended up abandoning the decision.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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