‘He had to prove himself to Ben’: Ben Affleck Reportedly Turned into His Ex Jennifer Garner’s Guardian Angel, Her Beau John Miller Had to Convince Him He’s The One for Her

Jennifer Garner is having the best time in her life as her personal life is blooming with romance. Shortly after she divorced Ben Affleck, she got involved with her new beau, John Miller. Even though their relationship was not a smooth path, the ups and down they had in their relationship made it stronger with the couple possibly in the phase of saying “I Do” to each other.

Jennifer Garner
Hollywood actress, Jennifer Garner

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Before actually deciding to settle down with the 13 Going on 30 actresses, Miller had to prove himself that he is worthy of Affleck’s former wife. Reports stated that he had gone through the phase!

John Miller Asked for Ben Affleck’s Approval Before Proposing Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

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Even though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have gone their separate ways after their divorce, they continued to be present in each other’s needs. Having co-parented their three children, Violet Anne Affleck, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, and Samuel Garner Affleck, they have become great friends.

After splitting up with the former, Garner moved on with John Miller. Though their relationship was initially going through hard times, an insider told National Enquirer, that “this past year has been great.”

The insider revealed that the American business personality has already proposed to the actress and it seems he got a Yes in response!

Miller has to seek the approval of the former, the insider shared,

“John has run the gauntlet to show he’s both husband material and stepdad material, which meant he had to prove himself not just to Jen, but to Ben as well.”

He reportedly got approved by Garner’s ex-husband which means that the couple will now be busy preparing for the wedding.

A Brief Note on Jennifer Garner and John Miller’s Relationship

Jennifer Garner and John Miller
Jennifer Garner and John Miller

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The pair, Jennifer Garner and John Miller are one of the low-key couples in the Hollywood industry. The couple first got connected in 2018 and kept their relationship low-key. It was reported that the couple had split two years ago. However, in 2021, the couple appeared to be back on track when they were spotted spending time together on several occasions.

The couple sparked marriage rumors when the actress as per fans wore an engagement ring on her finger. Miller was previously married to violinist Caroline Campbell, with whom he shares two kids, in 2011.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck has rekindled his romance with actress, Jennifer Lopez who is reportedly having trouble due to their different opinions regarding the Gone Girl actor’s smoking habits.

Source: National Enquirer

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