12 Lesser Known Facts About Ben Affleck [You Probably Don’t Know]

Listed down below, are Ben Affleck’s lesser known facts that are probably unfamiliar to us.

1. The Name Is Enough

The full name of our “BRUCE WAYNE” is Benjamin Geza Affleck- Boldt. And this look justifies such a powerful name. Isn’t he looking like he is just going to kick someone’s ass?

ben affleck lesser known facts
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2. The Birth

Affleck was although born in Berkeley, California but moved to Massachusetts at an early age of two. He spent his childhood in Cambridge.

Ben Affleck's Childhood Photo
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3. The Only Aim

Affleck admitted that at a mere age of 9, he decided that he will make a career in acting. Well see, that’s what a strong determination could do.

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4. Thanks, Mom!

Both the Affleck brothers, Ben and Casey were encouraged to participate in theatre, plays and arts. Their mother took them to plays.

Ben Affleck's Brother And Mother
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5. Burger King Happened

The Accountant star got his first chance in a Burger King’s commercial. At the same time he was trying his hands on a TV series called “The Voyage of the Mimi.”

Ben's Burger King Ad
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6. Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck encountered Matt Damon for the first time on the sets of “The Voyage of the Mimi,” which was in 1984.

Ben Affleck lesser known facts
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7. Alcohol? Charlie Sheen?

In 2001, it was reported that Ben Affleck checked into a rehab centre for alcohol abuse, accompanied by Charlie Sheen. Believable?

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8. 6.1 carat Ring? Wow Mr. Affleck

Ben Affleck gifted his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez a whooping 6.1 carat ring. But the couple later parted due to too much of media involvement.

Ben with ex girlfriend
Credits:- dailymail


9. Funny and Embarrassing

The couple, Ben and Jennifer, known as Beniffer, won the Golden Razzies for the Worst Actor and Actress for their movie “Gigli.”

Gigli movie screenshot
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10. The college dream.

While Drafting the story for Good Will Hunting in their living together days, the duos hoped to star, if a movie was ever made on their script.

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11. First Time in Direction

Ben Affleck’s directorial debut was the movie “Gone Baby Gone.”

credits:- yimg…. Affleck in a PBS TV show


12. The man with a golden heart.

Affleck is currently associated with over 25 charities all across the world.

lesser known facts about ben affleck
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