‘Ben Franklin looks really, really weird’: Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer Tried Scamming People With Fake $100 Bill That Had Ryan Reynolds’ Face on it Because She Was Out of Cash

Ryan Reynolds’ face appeared on a $100 bill that Oscar-winning actress Octavia Lenora Spencer tried to spend “accidentally.” Do you think Ryan Reynolds could be mistaken for Benjamin Franklin? Ryan Reynolds’ Spirited co-star Octavia Spencer certainly confused both men regarding the validity of a $100 bill.

Octavia Spencer
Octavia Spencer

In the latest episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she discussed her preference for artificial Christmas trees the best; she accidentally tried to pay with a prop $100 bill from Spirited and had to take ice-skating lessons. The actress went to promote her new Christmas movie, Spirited, on the show. The musical comedy Spirited retells A Christmas Carol through Clint Brigg’s mystical journey.

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Octavia Spencer Accidentally Tried Use A Fake $100 Bill

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer revealed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that she accidentally tried to purchase something on Halloween with fake prop money from the movie musical Spirited that featured Reynolds’ face on it. While standing in line, Spencer pulled out a fake hundred-dollar bill with Ryan Reynolds‘ face swapped for Ben Franklin’s traditional visage while she was fumbling through her bag for money.

Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer
Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer

Spencer said in the interview,

“I never have cash with me. And I was all excited. I’m also a ready customer; I don’t want to be fumbling for my cash or credit card at the register. So I like to find it. I’m like, do I have cash, Do I have $5? And I found a $100 bill in my wallet. And I was so proud because I felt like I had found a treasure.”

She continued,

“And, so, I’m glad I’m one of those people who likes to be prepared, because I’m looking at the $100 bill and I’m like, ‘Ben Franklin looks really, really weird.’ I realized it was a prop from ‘Spirited.’ And I almost paid with it! It’s a prop from the set, and I saw it on the floor and thought, ‘Wow, that’s great, it looks real.’ And I thought, because I never have money in my wallet, that I would remember.”

The fake $100 had been in Spencer’s wallet since Spirited wrapped over a year ago. A film preview will be available on Apple TV+ on November 18. In a previous interview, Reynolds discussed his physical toll after attending a seven-week “theater camp” to participate in a musical twist on “A Christmas Carol,” which stars Will Ferrell as the Ghost of Christmas Present.

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Will Ferrell & Ryan Reynolds’ New Christmas Movie: What to Expect

Spirited (2022)
Spirited (2022)

Spirited features Octavia Spencer, Rose Byrne, Sunita Mani, Patrick Page, Aimee Carrero, Joe Tippett, P.J. Byrne, and both Jimmy Fallon and Judi Dench playing themselves. Reynolds and Spencer shot Spirited over a year ago, so Spencer may have forgotten about the fake bill she stashed away. It is likely Spencer’s fake bill is one of several Reynolds-themed dollars on the set of Spirited.

Based on A Christmas Carol, Spirited has plenty of scope for interpretation and expansion. Numerous adaptations of A Christmas Carol have been made for the screen, stage, and television. These stories typically contain three key elements: a downtrodden man, a Bob Cratchit, and ghosts from the past, present, and future. However, directors can take the story differently within this basic structure. A Christmas Carol has room for mystical and larger-than-life elements because it deals with ghosts. Spirited comes with some unusual currency as a symbol of its mysterious nature.

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Source: IndieWire

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