Benedict Cumberbatch's Opinion on Marvel Movies Co-Star Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel fans from the MCU may imagine that seeing Cumberbatch and Downey exchange verbal hits is fascinating. No matter what, it is engaging to see Benedict Cumberbatch make his impression of Robert Downey Jr in a show lately, here is all about it:  

Fans recall iconic moments from the movie  

Fans recall iconic moments from the movie  
Tony Stark and Stephen Strange had two scenes together in Endgame.

In Infinity War (2018), one of the most exciting moments were the clash between Iron Man and Doctor Strange. What was all the more energizing was that the two (Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr.) sharing screen space. In Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange had two scenes together. They were critical as it fixed Iron Man’s savage destiny. In any case, it was eminent for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans. 

Friendship Goals: Doctor Strange & Iron Man

Friendship Goals: Doctor Strange & Iron Man
Cumberbatch and Downey have always been friendly off-screen as well.

Robert and Benedict both share a friendly connection off-the-screen. Their meetings are proof, where they have spoken about one another on multiple occasions. Benedict Cumberbatch might have spent way too much time with Robert Downey Jr. One can see the Downley Effect on him! The on-screen character lately made a dead-on impression of his “Endgame” co-star. When you close your eyes, you’ll hear Iron Man himself. 

Jenny McCarthy flabbergasted by Doctor Strange

In an ongoing conference on The Jenny McCarthy Show, Cumberbatch was approached to test his RDJ information by making an impression of him, and the final product is entertaining, for sure! SiriusXM Jenny McCarthy was wowed by the cast, laughing out loud and answering, “That was great!” With the expansion of the physical quirks, like RDJ’s propensity to all of a sudden stretch, his arms mid-sentence. 


While the vocals didn’t coordinate, the motions were bright and what we would expect out of Downey. It won’t be wrong to see a befitting reply from the king of trollers, yes Robert Downey Jr. we are speaking about you! 

Source: ComicBook, PinkVilla

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