Krakoa is said to be a mysterious land. It is a place that does not seem to be what it is. It could be described as a place that looks fishy. Moira MacTaggert, the human scientist, is said to possess certain powers that seem to be hidden. The character Mystique played by Rebecca Romijn is said to perform in different ways to take vengeance for Destiny, her late partner.

The Mysterious ‘Krakoa’ Island

Krakoa Island
That Secretive Island

However, what seems to be more dangerous is the latest version of X-Men 7 that has been released. It potentially showcases that not all smiling faces are true, some even fake theirs and can be an enemy. With the teaser out, the person is named by Warlock. Warlock is not mutant in the actual sense. 

Warlock was dead in the earlier series of X-Men. However, he now seems to be back in the world of X-Men. The earlier series of X-Men has seen how Warlock and Cypher merged several times. It is highly likely that Warlock would receive a warm welcome on the island by his friends.

The Back Stabber???

The Mutant Warlock

As far as the current series of X-Men #7 goes it is indicated that there is a lot of mysterious things that seem to be going on in the minds of Cypher, Krakoa, and Warlock. With this, it becomes evident that Cypher and Warlock could be the real betrayers who appear to be the real steal breakers. They could potentially be more harmful and filled with evil intentions for the mutants. 

That Never-ending Friendship

Warlock and Cypher
The Close Bond


X-Men comic series dates back to the year 1978. Over the years, it can be seen that the comic series of X-Men has become popular. However, it would be exciting and thrilling to watch the series X-Men #7. 

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