Beyonce Allegedly Forced Nanny To Learn Super Hard Grammy Winning Choreography From ‘Single Ladies’, Forced Her To Perform It For Her Daughter Blue Ivy On Command

Beyonce’s former nanny revealed that the singer once asked her to learn all the choreography to her hit song Single Ladies so she could perform for her daughter Blue Ivy whenever she asks her to. It is quite unusual that the singer allegedly forced her to learn super hard Grammy-winning dance just for her daughter’s entertainment. Beyonce has also been criticized in the past for behaving inhumanely with her assistant while she was on the red carpet in 2015. The singer is married to rapper Jay-Z and the couple has reportedly set rules for all their nannies.

Beyonce once asked her nanny to learn how to dance

Beyonce will remove the offensive words from the song
Beyonce forced her nanny to learn dancing for her daughter

A nanny who used to work for Beyonce at one point revealed this one ridiculous task that was once assigned to her. The singer allegedly forced her to learn the tough Grammy-winning dance to her hit song Single Ladies just to entertain her daughter, Blue Ivy, on command. All her nannies are also asked to take Blue Ivy shopping whenever she demands.

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The singer snapped at her assistant in 2015

Singer Beyonce snapped at her assistant who was just doing her job

In 2015, Beyonce walked down the red carpet at the Tidal music event in New York in a stunning silk plum dress. Her assistant was with her on the red carpet and she fixing her outfit. The singer lost her cool and ordered her assistant to stop. People on social media criticized her saying it was like “swatting a fly – no questions asked just a demand.” However, her fans defended her saying her assistant was interrupting her shots for the paparazzi.

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Beyonce and Jay Z have set certain rules for their nannies

All nannies who work with the couple have to read a handbook

Beyonce and Jay Z share three children, Blue Ivy Carter, Sir Carter, and Rumi Carter. The couple reportedly hired six nannies to look after Sir Carter and Rumi Carter, who are twins, when they were born. Every nanny that approaches the couple for a job must read a handbook titled, “The Daily Program for Blue Ivy as per Mrs. Carter.” It covers all the responsibilities, duties, and rules that a nanny must follow when they work with the couple.

Some rules that are mentioned in the book are, nannies must be bilingual, must be okay with going on tours and traveling, must know their way around Brooklyn, and since Blue Ivy is into fashion, nannies must take her shopping whenever she wants.

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