‘Beyonce only saw Kim as a social climber using Kanye’: Beyonce Reportedly Believed Kanye West Could Do Way Better Than Kim Kardashian, Didn’t Say It Because It’d Embarrass Kim

Beyonce, the American singer, and songwriter has become one of the most well-known vocalists of all time and has won a whopping 28 Grammy awards. As the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, she originally gained notoriety in the 1990s. Beyonce has been frequently associated with Kim Kardashian although the two are not close.

The Kardashian has gone to great lengths to associate with the singer but has always failed in doing so. Fans have even noticed that the socialite tries to steal Beyonce’s spotlight as a way to get attention from her. Apparently, the Halo singer did not like her and even felt that Kanye West was being used and could be with better than the Kardashian.

Beyonce believed Kanye West deserved someone better

Beyonce will remove the offensive words from the song

Kanye West and Jay-Z, Beyonce‘s husband, were like brothers.  They truly cared about one another and shared a pure friendship. When Beyonce announced that she and Jay-Z are going to have their first child, Kanye West was one of the happiest people in the room and was genuinely excited for his friend. When the Yeezy founder started dating the Kardashian, Beyonce did her best to maintain the distance. All of Kim Kardashian’s attempts to enter Beyonce’s inner circle were unsuccessful.

According to sources, the Halo singer didn’t like the SKKN founder as a person and believed that Kanye West could do far better. She perceived the Kardashian as a social climber who was taking advantage of the rapper. Kim Kardashian has been obsessed with the singer for years, but every time she has tried to approach her, she has been rejected. Although she did not want to say anything because it would embarrass the Kardashian, fans soon figured out that Beyonce does not like Kim Kardashian.

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Kim Kardashian’s obsession with Beyonce

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian
Beyonce and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been obsessed with Beyonce and has always tried to portray that the two are best friends. As it became hard for the socialite to pretend anymore, she decided to invite Jay-Z and Beyonce to her and Kanye West’s wedding. The Kardashian was determined to get the attention of the singer and according to sources, she personally went to deliver the wedding invite.

Even after this, the Break My Soul singer did not attend the wedding and even posted a picture of herself on her social media the same day to throw shade. The Kardashian still did not stop contacting the singer and it seems that she is still obsessed to have her validation.

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The Kardashian went to great lengths to get attention from Beyonce

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian fangirled Beyonce and went too far at times, in order to be visible to the singer. She even used money as a way to get close to the singer and sent a lot of gifts. For instance, she once sent the singer KKW Beauty contour sticks inside a gold box, worth 150 thousand dollars, and did not shy away from buying Beyonce’s friendship.

Every time the Kardashian tried to pull something like this, it failed as the singer never accepted any of it. The SKKN founder then thought about using her daughter, North West as a means to get her way and tried setting up play dates with Jay-Z and the singer’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Even this failed as the singer denied it and kept her distance.

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