Big Budget Movies Of The Decade That Were Epic Flops

There are times when a movie with a low budget becomes a massive hit and gives birth to a franchise. Right? For instance, Rocky and A Nightmare On Elm Street (and of course, many others!), both were low-budget movies. But they were so good and loved by the audience, that now they are counted as one of the biggest and most successful franchises of all time. However, there are also times when a movie with a big-budget flops at the box office. The reasons can be plenty: the plot wasn’t good, or the actors didn’t perform well, OR the direction wasn’t good. It can be just anything. Due to the pandemic, it was a task for the movies to perform well after release. However, before that, theatres were open and the success of a film was majorly calculated from the box office sales.

So, let’s have a look at the big-budget movies of the decade that were epic flops.

1. Mars Need Moms (2011) Grossed Only $39 Million

Big budget movies that flopped
Movie: Mars Need Moms

The movie was released in 2011. The movie is about a kid named Milo who has a problem with his mother. He wishes that he never had one. Voila! His wish comes true when his mother is abducted. So, to find his mother, Milo sets on a journey to outer space. Umm, no wonder why this movie received mixed to negative reviews. Some praised the movie for its fancy visual effects, score and voice acting. However, the majority of the audience found the movie creepy and irrelevant. Against a budget of $150 million, the film was able to gross only $39 million, causing a loss of around $100-144 million.

2. Town And Country (2001) Grossed $10 Million

Big budget movies that flopped miserably
Movie: Town And Country

The movie could’ve easily cost less than $100 million IF there wouldn’t have been delays in the shooting due to endless rewriting. The movie’s shooting was delayed for almost two long years! Yes, all these things do cost a handsome amount! After so much labor, the movie was released. However, it wasn’t well-received by the critics and fans alike. Most of the fans even forgot about the movie. The budget for the film was almost $90 million. Can you imagine how much it grossed? Somewhere around $10 million worldwide. To conclude, this is the biggest flop movie ever in American film history.

3. The Adventures Of Pluto Nash (2002) Is Eddie Murphy’s Biggest Flop Of All Time

Biggest Flop Movie Of All Time
Movie: The Adventures of Pluto Nash

After dark comes light. Isn’t it? Even after giving massive hits, Eddie Murphy’s movie “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” continues to be talked about. The movie flopped terribly! This isn’t his only flop movie. But the most talked about. Fans and critics feel the movie has massive plotholes, jokes aren’t funny, and the plot overall wasn’t convincing enough! The budget of the movie was $100 million. But can you imagine its box office earnings? Only a total of $7.1 million. No wonder why it is regarded as one of the biggest box office bombs in the history of cinema!

4. The Promise (2016) Bombed At The Box Office Terribly!

Bid budget movies that flopped epicly
Movie: The Promise

Can you imagine a movie that has both Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale bombing at the box office? Well, this is the one (that too terribly!). The budget of the movie was somewhere around $90 million. But it only managed to make $12 million (somehow). “The Promise” is a war/drama movie depicting the Armenian genocide. Even though the movie flopped, the director/writer, Terry George stated that the motive wasn’t to make money, but to educate people about the topic since they learn more via movies as compared to history books!

5. Cutthroat Island (1995) Suffered Even Before It Was Released (Just To Flop!)

Big budget movies that bombed at the box office
Movie: Cutthroat Island

The 1995 movie ‘Cutthroat Island” happened to be one of the massive flops of all time. Also, it has a history. Even before the movie was released, Carolco Pictures filed for bankruptcy. Not just this, its distributor MGM was going through the process of being sold. MGM couldn’t provide good marketing. This was the reason the marketing campaign of this movie sucked. Against the budget of $92-98 million, the film could only manage to earn $10 million at the box office.

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