Big Changes Rumoured To Come To ‘PSN’ For Playstation 5

The PSN during the era of PS3 was horrible though at least, it was free. Sony improved PSN for PlayStation 4 but it’s still far from perfect and needs a lot of improvement in certain areas.

And this seems to be on the agenda for the PlayStation 5. Jez Corden, writer at Windows Central recently tweeted that Sony is gearing up to make a big PSN update for PlayStation 5.

Corden does not disclose any details on what these updates/changes would be hit going by the sound of it, they could be upgraded to PS4 PSN from PS3 PSN.

Sony has dominated this console generation from the very beginning but as this generation comes to an end, Sony seems to be wobbling in its PR department. The lack of cooperation in cross-platform play and the continued inability of PSN name changes have plagued an otherwise all impressive performance by the PlayStation team.

Fortunately for Sony, the release of exclusive bangers after bangers have dimmed its shortcomings but nevertheless to say, Sony needs to change certain things very soon and bringing an update to PSN sounds like a good start to me.

We hope that Sony comes up with PS5 along with an ability to change PSN names. This comes off as a rumour for now, but it reveals something very obvious, something that needs to be changed without much delay.

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