Big X-Box Series X Leak Has Fans Excited About Halo, Fable And More.

While there are speculations surrounding games and releases, recently, just one more got added to the list.

According to news reports, a major Xbox Series X leak has come up. Microsoft was supposed to showcase the next-gen Xbox by June 2020.

Claims made by the leak that has originated.

Xbox Series X's first leaked photo.

Rumors have started swirling that Microsoft will show off some of the hints of Xbox. Some of the console games of the Xbox series X will release by May. Nothing is confirmed so far, but the leak claims to reveal more details about the Xbox Series X.

It says Microsoft is preparing to replace its E3 2020 show and reveal the console’s games. E3 2020 was to happen around June.

Games that will be revealed by Microsoft, according to the leaker.

According to the leak chain, the May event will be a proper console reveal. On the other hand, the upcoming June event that will follow remains packed with games. The event may disclose Xbox Series X games, which the audience hasn’t seen a lot.

The outlet lay reference to a new Fable game, which is not Fable 4. The rumored Fable game is named as “fantasy monster” by the leaker. The Fable game is said to have a hand-crafted world with procedural generations. It allows developers to make the game larger in scale.

However, Fable 4 gets joined by a new IP from a Japanese Studio. And a new Forza Motorsport Game will also get revealed.

The Xbox Series X’s launch game

Halo Infinite is going to be the Xbox Series X’s launch game. It will probably be the biggest of all-time console’s launch games.

The game will contain linear story missions mixed with optional explorations. According to the leaker Halo Infinite campaign will be ambitious for the players. There are no specific details, but according to the leaker, developers are making bold moves and changes for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

We request that fans should treat the information as mentioned earlier with a dose of skepticism. The source has proven reliable in the past but can also get wrong. Whatever the truth will come forward by May or June as soon as Microsoft unveils the Xbox series X games.

Till then, fans should wait and go through recent news and posts regarding Xbox.


Sources: Comicbook, Gamerant

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