Biggest Differences Between Doctor Strange In Movies & Comics

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is generating a lot of buzz because it will wrap up several of the MCU’s Phase Four arcs. He’s become involved in stories with characters like Loki, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Man thus far. Doctor Strange has played a huge part in moulding the Marvel Universe in the comic book version, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s version promises to be just as vital and influential in the MCU.


Movie – Doctor Strange has a good foundation to build on in the future thanks to the MCU, but he hasn’t had nearly as many adventures as the original. Doctor Strange has played a key role in multiverse conflicts, but with only five film appearances in the last six years. In contrast to his comic book counterpart, he simply has not had the time or opportunity to participate in as many adventures.

Comics – Doctor Strange has many wonderful stories in the comics, from facing his personal demons to saving the cosmos, and even journeying back to the beginning of time, as seen in Marvel Premiere. There’s a lot more to look into when it comes to the comic superhero, with his quests seemingly having no bounds.

Fight Sequences

Movie – The MCU’s Doctor Strange benefits from the cinema medium since the action on-screen remains seamless, letting viewers enjoy seeing the character cast magical spells without being interrupted by static comic book panels. Whether he’s fighting a supernatural monster like Dormammu or Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet is one of Avengers: Infinity War’s best action moments, his bouts have been extremely fascinating.

Comics – Because special effects aren’t required in comic books, there’s a lot of room for inventiveness. In conflicts, comic books tend to include a lot of unnecessary speech, and reading through numerous pages to follow one scenario can be a hassle.


Doctor Strange

Movie – While the MCU’s Doctor Strange has a leg up on the original in terms of emotive speech, he lacks the original’s depth of knowledge. While Doctor Strange has adapted this loquacious trait with Tony Stark and others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he hasn’t yet been involved in many immersive arguments or debates with other characters.

Comics – Doctor Strange in comic books have gained wisdom through years of study, making his adventures a joy to read. This portrayal of the character is well-read and well-spoken, leading to confrontations with both superheroes and supervillains in which their dialogues are the most amusing portions of their encounters.

Chemistry With Supporting Characters

Doctor Strange

Movie – The live-action Doctor Strange has had enough material to have good chemistry with both villains and heroes, thanks to the MCU’s mix of comedy and action-packed scenarios. Snarky lines abound in his interactions with Tony Stark and Wong, yet his scenes with Christine Palmer are touching and devastating.

Comics – The comic book adaptation has been more of a one-man show, with the major attraction being his aura of mystery. In terms of relations with other superheroes, these have been dependent on the specific situation rather than innate chemistry. While this incarnation is a member of both the Defenders and the Avengers, he prefers to remain to himself and only engages with others when absolutely necessary.


Doctor Strange

Movies – The MCU version of Doctor has faced a fully-powered Thanos, but has been beaten. In addition, as his only choice for defeating the great adversary, he had to bargain with Dormammu at the end of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange’s talents in the MCU will undoubtedly be extended in the future, but he lacks the amazing ability to alter reality on his own that the comic book counterpart possesses.

Comics – The comic book version easily wins in this category, as he’s shown to be capable of tremendous displays of power befitting of the Sorcerer Supreme label. This Doctor Strange has travelled the Marvel Universe, accomplishing feats such as matching Adam Warlock’s Infinity Gauntlet, eluding the Living Tribunal’s shackles, and bending reality to save humanity.

Character Development

Movie – While both characters’ origins are essentially identical, the MCU version gets credit for demonstrating this transformation in a more rapid manner than his comic book counterpart. Furthermore, the MCU’s Doctor Strange has demonstrated real selflessness by wiping himself from existence in order for future heroes to have a chance at victory. This is a huge improvement over the arrogant man he was in the previous film, and viewers have enjoyed watching him gradually learn humility.

Comics – In his early experiences in the late 1960s, he was often presented as noble and unselfish, therefore this arc does not exist in the comic book version.

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