Biggest Game References In The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher TV series has become one of the streaming service’s biggest blockbusters, and the second season is now available. The critical response has been mainly good, with critics applauding its substantial improvements over the first season. While Andrzej Sapkowski’s original literature has received greater recognition in recent years, it is the games that have put the IP on the international map.

The popularity of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in particular, was most likely the driving force for the Netflix show’s creation. And, as the series progresses, it incorporates more and more of its video game inspirations through subtle references and easter eggs. Fans on Reddit have done an excellent job of spotting them when they sneak in on-screen.


When season 1 was being prepared for distribution, the showrunner made a point of designing the series’ wolf medallion to be more accurate to the description in the books. The medallion alone is an iconic artifact in The Witcher’s universe, as well as serving a functional use by alerting its bearer when creatures are around. The games’ version of the Wolf medallion hanging on the three where the Witchers of Kear Morhen honor their dead was, nevertheless, one of the most prominent references made throughout the season.

It’s a rare moment, yet even with the pressing questions, The Witcher season 2 raises, its most devoted admirers kept one eye open. Fans who become such as a result of the games that introduced them to Sapkowski’s universe have grown to associate that iteration of the medallion with The Witcher.

4. Voleth Meir & Crone’s Of Crookback Bog From Witcher 3

One of season 2’s unique inventions is a reference to one of The Witcher 3’s deadliest adventures, however, it’s a more subtle connection. While demons are canon in both Sapkowski’s and CD PROJEKT RED’s Witcher universes, season 2’s demonic Voleth Meir – or Deathless Mother – is a new character. Demons are perilous, shape-shifting supernatural entities who appeared on the Continent during the Conjunction of the Spheres.

And the way Voleth Meir introduced herself to Yennefer, Fringilla, and Francesca in the Netflix program was a nod to the Crones of Crookback Bog. The Crones are malevolent monsters in The Witcher 3 that collect human child sacrifices from the swamp’s nearby settlement. They have, however, warped their “public” view as three gorgeous ladies, similar to how Voleth Meir presented herself differently to each of the three characters. The Crones, like the Deathless Mother, feed on the worst desperations of the peasants.

3. Yrden’s Game Version

While Sign magic, including Yrden, is also canon to the books’ timeline, the way it’s employed in the novels is more of a nod to the games. Geralt employs Yrden in their struggle against the Deathless Mother in the season finale. It’s utilized as a magical trap to slow down adversaries that come into contact with it. Several of the signs are just briefly referenced or utilized, with Aard being Geralt’s most often used Sign.

With Sapkowski’s most recent book in the series being the prequel/midquel Season of Storms, Yrden has officially become the most seldom mentioned/used ability. And, while it is mentioned in one short story, Yrden is portrayed as more of a protective sealing spell in it. The Witcher on Netflix chose the more aggressive rendition utilized in CD PROJEKT RED’s games.

2. The Stuffed Unicorn

It took some time for the primary three of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer to form. They did, however, in the Temple of Melitele, even though Yennefer of Vengerberg had to do it while grappling with the Deathless Mother’s temptations. Yennefer tells Ciri about a plush unicorn she used to have that broke due to “strange events” when things are still quiet and nice.

Fans of The Witcher 3 will recognize the fan-favorite gaming couple’s strange romantic scene on the back of an impressively crafted plush unicorn. However, this is also a reference to Sapkowski’s second novel in the series, Sword of Destiny. In it, Geralt first sees this plush unicorn she owns particularly for sex, with the Witcher musing that it could be the most unpleasant spot to do it.

  1. Rock Trolls From Witcher 3

Geralt and Ciri are relaxing by a campfire for the night in the opening episode of The Witcher 2’s second season, with the two discussing her dreams. Geralt shares a terrible dream he had about some overly-friendly Rock Trolls after she tells him about what’s been bothering her recently. Though this may appear to be a random and inconsequential remark, it is in fact a reference to one of The Witcher 3’s lighter and amusing characters.

Rock Trolls are some of the deadliest animals in The Witcher 3, although their low intellect makes them rather harmless. Unfortunately, despite their enormous physical power, they may be readily misled and utilized for malicious ends. The game’s side missions usually involve Rock Trolls mistakenly murdering individuals they were attempting to aid or attacking their houses.

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