This Binge-Watching Calculator Helps You Optimize Your Quarantine Time

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak resulted in the country to practice social distancing and stay home and safe.

But work from home has turned into “WATCH FROM HOME” this season.

Leading to the inventions of apps that are useful and fun at the same time. A binge-watching calculator created by TV fans helps audiences decide what to watch on Netflix, Hulu or Disney+.


Many people are finding more time to binge-watch television and access online shows than ever before.

And this boredom brought new inventions. A binge-watching calculator available on Omni Calculator is here to help viewers find their next show.

In addition to that, it provides you the time that every show requires, adds things on the list, seen list and create recommendations, ultimately in all this, you can earn points too.


The calculator, created by Maciej Kowalski and Maria Kluziak, allows you to enter how many days you’ll be under quarantine, how many hours you want to spend watching television per day, and which genres you prefer to watch. From there, it will recommend a variety of shows across several different streaming platforms.


Not everyone has extra time to watch television right now. Many are at work or work from home. For those who are looking for new show recommendations that fit into their new, temporary schedules, this calculator is a good way to get new ideas.

For example, if one can spend 21 hours binge-watching a new show and like fantasy stories, the calculator would recommend the first season of Game of Thrones, for example.

However, if you’ve already seen that show, you can request a new option.


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