Black Knight – Why The Forgotten Hero from Eternals Deserves His Own Movie

Eternals didn’t get as much attention as an Avenger movie would have, but Marvel’s oldest heroes did introduce us to some amazing heroes and things. We learned about Celestials which changed our mindset about the Ego we met in Guardians of the Galaxy altogether.

But what intrigued the Marvel Comics fans most was the post-credits scene that featured Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman. This meant that Black Knight is joining MCU soon and probably might be getting some training/ help from none other than Mahershala Ali’s Blade. But would that much screen space be enough to give justice to the character?

Dane Whitman’s Family Connections

Eternals The Black Knight
Sir Percy; the original Black Knight

He is obviously not the first hero who will hold the title of Black Knight. Sir Percy of Scandia was the first Black Knight. He served King Arthur and fought many threats. He wielded the Ebony Blade. He was killed and then the mantle of Black Knight started passing down his generations.

Is There a Villainous Black Knight?

Eternals: The Black Knight Dane Whitman
Black Knight in Marvel Comics

Yes! He went to join the Masters of Evil. Nathan Garrett, a brilliant research scientist led a spy ring but was defeated by none other than the Giant-Man aka Hank Pym. He was so ashamed that he ran to Europe and found the tomb of Sir Percy. Even though he was rejected by the Ebony Blade, he became the new Black Knight but a villainous one.

He used the powers for all wrong things. However, he was once again defeated by Giant-Man, Iron Man, and The Avengers. As he was dying, he summoned Dane Whitman, his nephew for carrying on the legacy.

He begged Dane to take the mantle and restore the honor to Sir Percy’s legacy.

Why is Ebony Blade so Special?

Eternals: The Ebony blade
Dane Whitman with the blade in the post-credits

Well firstly, it is a curse because if the sword ends up drawing even a drop of blood, the hero will be horribly cursed. And that is exactly what we hear Blade asking Dane if he is surely ready for that.

His Role In Eternals

Eternals: The Black Knight
Dane Whitman and Sersi before she disappeared in the film

In the film, we hardly saw him since the film concentrated more on the Eternals finding the truth about themselves and the fight with Celestials. But sees Sersi vanish in front of him so he’s surely doing something about it. We know  Eternals are returning, But possibly before their return, Dane Whitman deserves his own film to fill in some gaps which are needed.

A legacy so great needs broader storytelling. MCU already is jam-packed with TV series, so a movie would surely be helpful.

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