Black Panther 2 Should Make Shuri A True MCU Superhero

Black Panther 2 to have the Wakandan royal family back in action, and it’s the ideal chance for Marvel Studios to make Shuri a legit superhero. Shuri was Black Panther’s breakout character, leaving a big impact on MCU fans with her brilliance, sense of humor, conviction, loyalty, and tenderness. Now, with Black Panther 2 arriving soon, it’s time for the MCU to establish her as a true superhero, after all, she has everything she needs to be one.

Shuri Is Black Panther’s finest Character

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the most brilliant weapon of Wakanda is back

Shuri was Black Panther’s breakout character, resulting in fans yearning to learn more about her. Black Panther was a game-changer in the MCU and the superhero genre as a whole thanks to its portrayal of African and African-American communities fact, she has been established to be the sharp-witted character in the MCU, much more than Tony Stark. However, Shuri is way more than a teenage mastermind that spends a lot of time in her lab, one of the attributes that made viewers resonate with her was her sense of humor.

Shuri Needs An even humongous Role In Black Panther 2

Shuri | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom
black panther 2 can make shuri soaring high in success

Shuri is part of the prime cast of Black Panther and is a cardinal element in Wakanda, but she was a secondary character, and her role was decreased to T’Challa’s brilliant younger sister with the best one-liners. Shuri has already proven to have everything she requires to be a superhero in the MCU: not only is she the most brilliant and has multiple of resources that would allow her all varieties of the weapons and special characteristics in her suits, but she’s also tender and always trying to help others, not just people from Wakanda

How Black Panther 2 Can transform Shuri into a Proper Superhero

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This might just be what Shuri deserves




Black Panther 2 could do something as simple yet effective as having her battling next to her brother against whatever villain he comes across this time, thus being more than just the designer of everything he wears and uses. Another way Black Panther 2 can present Shuri as a proper superhero is by making T’Challa step down as Black Panther. T’Challa is still recent to the throne and the role of king, and that said he was one of the fallen heroes in Infinity War, Wakanda was left without a king for five years he could prefer to concentrate on his role as king and pass on the cloak of Black Panther to who else than Shuri. That would definitely be a learning experience for both.

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