Black Widow Fake Spoilers Trend On Opening Weekend

This pandemic has affected several Hollywood movies. The most prominent of them being the highly anticipated Black Widow. Now, as the movie’s release date is delayed until November, the fake spoilers of the film are trending. Have a look at the story!

A change in plans

Well, if this had gone smoothly, fans could have witnessed the release of Black Widow. However, the pandemic has forced the producers to shift the date to November. Now, fake spoilers of the movie are being brought up by the fans.

The movie was scheduled to release on May 1. But, the highly anticipated story about Natasha Romanoff and her reunion with her family has to wait till November at least. Hence, to bring forward some of the fan-made spoilers, they have used the hashtag #BlackWidowFakeSpoilers.

What do the spoilers include?

Black Widow Spoilers

The spoilers mostly consist of random fan theories. Some of the fake spoilers comprise of an appearance by the Daredevil (Charlie Cox).

Apart from that, some of the spoilers do include a storyline in which the lead character marries Spider-Man!

Another set of Spoilers consists of the revelation that Black Widow, who died to unlock the Soul Stone, was just a shape-shifting Skrull.

Taking about Kevin Feige, the president, and producer of Marvel Studious has assured that the movie is filled with an adventurous storyline. According to Feige, Black Widow has a fantastic rich backstory. As the character first appeared in Iron Man 2, it is synonymous with the timeline of the Avengers. Well, time will tell how the movie performs on the big screen!

Have a look at some of the best spoilers

A spoiler cited that Black Widow was carrying the baby of Captain America!

Coming to the best Tweets, one of the most exciting spoilers was the Tweet, which stated that the Balck Widow, who sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone, was just a Skrull! Another spoiler was about the relationship between Natasha and Steve.

The user tweeted that at the end of the Infinity War, she was holding her stomach because the baby she was carrying died! For some fans, it seems that they can not get over the fact that Natasha is dead.

More fake spoilers

A fan tweeted a photo stating that Natasha was in a coma since the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Therefore, everything that happened in Endgame was just a bad dream!

A fan Tweeted that Palpatine returned and showed up in the end credits of Black Widow movie. Well, time will tell how accurate is his spoiler! Some fans have also considered Clint to be the actual Taskmaster.

Some fans have also brought Logan into the frame. Therefore, they have brought up a spoiler in which Logan appears in the Black Widow movie! A fan has also given a spoiler regarding the marriage of Spider-Man and Black Widow.

In some spoilers, Daredevil has given a surprise appearance in the mid-credits scene! Therefore, apart from all the spoilers mentioned above, time will reveal what the producers have in store for us.

Have a look at the trailer of Black Widow:


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