Fan arts have become more than a medium for many. It’s a way of expressing your inner fan boy. You can be the fan of a certain book or a celebrity or a show, even a movie. But the stories can only tell you so much. Sometimes you need more than what’s canon. That’s where the fan artists come in. They help give us a clearer picture of what could have been. These artists seldom get credit for their work. Many of their works are technically illegal since they are based off of copy-righted property so they can never be monetized. But all these hindrances have not stopped this particular body paint artist. She has set his sights on using her talent to reveal the superheroes that hide deep within us all.

That is indeed a noble endeavor. Fan art is itself such a niche segment. Body Paint Fan Artists are even rarer. There are not much of them around. So it stands to reason for us to take pause and look in awe at the incredibly rare artwork of an incredibly rare artist. If you are into superheroes and you absolutely adore fan arts like we do, you will particularly enjoy these artworks with some eerie and odd satisfaction. Make sure you brace yourselves. We are not one to butter things up but the following artworks can be truly daunting and spectacular.

Tron fans around somewhere? On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool is this artwork?!?! We are in total awe ladies and gentlemen. Total awe we tell you!!

Captain America stands for the ideals of a True American – Honesty, Equality, and Nobility. While we won’t use him to classify most Americans, we believe some True Captain Americas are still out there, working towards the American Dream.

He is the Night. He is Vengeance. He is Batman. Are you fearless enough to don the accursed cowl and become a creature of the night? Night owls qualify too.

He is BACK!! You don’t need to have a buffed up body to become the Terminator. You need to have an iron will and the sheer mechanical perseverance in the face of abject adversity.

Do you drink? Do you also ‘Know Things’? Are you the silent and knowledgeable type that prefers staying in the corner and somebody else take the center-stage? Do you like pulling the strings from behind the curtain?

If you are a wise-cracker and just plain old witty, we give you your inner superhero – Deadpool. He has a mouth on him and so do you. That is your greatest super power. Not even Thanos can beat you there.

You think the world is cold and unforgiving? And you are willing to take your chances braving the unknown waters on your own. Mad Max is your inner creature. Tap into his strength and you can become brave enough to pave your own path.

Last but not the least, we have Iron Man – the quirky, eccentric, smart, and charismatic Armored Avenger. If you identify yourself as crazy, funny, and cute, your inner superhero is Iron Man.

Source: Jody Steel

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