Borderlands 3 Updates are the Best Holiday Gift ever!

This is the season when all excited gamers come out of their homes to acquire better games and updated versions. This holiday Borderlands 3, a much-loved game for all, has announced a new and better makeover for their game, making it so much better. Borderlands 3 update is now available on all platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and PC,  with their updated hotfixes and modifications.

Update alerts!

The update was announced to the world on their twitter page, saying, “Today we will release a hotfix for #Borderlands3 which will be live on all platforms by 3 pm PT.” Borderlands also claimed to have resolved many other issues reported by the community, and even perfection in the matchmaking.  In addition to this, they posted a rough outline for their patches and hotlines for the coming weeks. Along with this tweet, they released the hotfixes and patch notes.

Other updates

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While previous patches focused on one aspect of the game, this particular patch captures a wider angle of the game. Making over a numerous amount of adjustments to the loot shooter and the volume of the gearbox logo during the intro, this focused on minor changes and not game-changers. Some of the other updates attempted were :

  • Expanding the bank.
  • Improving the Flakker to hold 5 ammo instead of one.
  • Creating many viable characters.
  • Revamp to the Mayhem mode.
  • More Wending Machines throughout the maps.
  • Creating Skippable Cutscenes and storylines.
  • Target dummy on the shooting range at Sanctuary III.
  • Updating the loot pools for more specific gear drops.

Hotfixes :

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Out of the many hotfixes addressed here are some examples:

  • Brick stuck after chasing enemies nearing the Anvil.
  • Visual FX in the side mission “Transaction Packed.”
  • Players missing Skill Points.
  • Japan region users unable to complete the fast travel tutorial.
  • Terror not dropping loot while running Agonizer 9000.
  • Not spawning for “Kill Traitors” in the “Porta Prison” mission.

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