‘Bored Already?’: Internet Trolls Ben Affleck After He Dozes Off In Boat During Paris Honeymoon Trip With Jennifer Lopez, Fans Say ‘Hope It Was A Good Nap, Grandpa’

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez exchanged vows in a little chapel in Las Vegas. And as soon as they got married, they took a “mini-honeymoon” by running away to Europe. The couple were seen expressing their love for each other in public while in Paris. However, it seems that through multiple accounts of PDA, the actor, Ben Affleck may need some time to himself to recharge his batteries.

Ben Affleck married J-Lo last week

Affleck and Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

On July 15, 2022, we first learned of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s impromptu Vegas nuptials. A Little White Chapel in Las Vegas hosted the couple’s intimate wedding ceremony where they exchanged vows in front of their children. The couple has a history of prior relationships. After resuming their relationship, the actress and Ben Affleck announced their engagement in April of last year. Jennifer Lopez, 53 (We wish her a happy birthday!), and Ben Affleck, 49, expressed their thanks for their love.

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The newlywed couple take a trip to Paris

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spotted kissing at a park in Paris
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spotted kissing

The actor who plays Batman and J.Lo wed on July 16 in Las Vegas. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appear to be having a good time in the “city of love” Paris. Ben Affleck’s Georgia estate would reportedly host a huge wedding celebration for close friends, family, and relatives in the upcoming weeks.

They were seen sitting together on a seat in a Parisian park. According to a source, they spent about two hours kissing and hugging. It seems that the romantic flame between the two seems to be quite alive and hot. However, even a flame can be dulled if it keeps burning too fast.

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Ben Affleck found sleeping during his romantic escape

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Even though the lovely couple has been seen around Paris for their PDA, it seems that the ‘Bruce Wayne’ actor has tuckered himself out. Fans are taking on to Twitter to form their theories as to why the actor is acting similar to a dried-up potato. Some reactions theorize that Ben Affleck may have already gotten bored of the time spent with his wife while some others think differently.

Many people truly detest being photographed while they are sound asleep. He should only be focused on the fact that he has just added another triumphant meme to his already remarkable collection, which has assisted countless people over the years. A meme is the best tool for conveying a particular mental state and Ben Affleck’s collection is just impeccable.

Source: MARCA

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