Boruto Theory: Naruto Will Now Master Flying Thunder God – Become “Konoha’s Orange Flash”

Boruto has totally nerfed down Naruto and Sasuke. The anime showed us Sasuke losing his Rinnegan to Borushiki. But more importantly, Naruto entered Baryon Mode and took down Isshiki Otsutsuki. In the process, the enhanced Chakra mode took its toll on Kurama, the tailed beast sealed inside Naruto. Kurama sacrificed his entire life force for Naruto to enter Baryon mode. Naruto may no longer be the strongest ninja in the world of Shinobi. But all is not lost. This Boruto theory claims Naruto still has an ace up his sleeve. According to this Boruto theory, Naruto will learn the Flying Raijin, also known as the Flying Thunder God technique of his father to reinstate himself as the world’s strongest ninja.

Naruto – Flying Thunder God

What Is The Flying Thunder God Technique?

Konoha’ Yellow Flash

The Flying Raijin or the Flying Thunder God Technique is a space-time technique developed by the second Hokage – Tobirama Senju. The technique was later mastered and perfected by Minato Namikaze, called one of the strongest Shinobi to ever exist in human history. The technique allows a user to mark objects – both living and non living, with a “technique formula” seal. Any object marked with this seal becomes a portal. The user can then use the Flying Thunder God to instantly teleport across space as many times as he or she wants.

Minato Destroys Obito With The Flying Thunder God

Minato had an ample amount of different usages for this ability. He had special marked Kunai that he can place across the battlefield. That way he can teleport to locations to evade enemy formations or attack them from their blind-spots. By marking the enemy with the Flying Thunder God seal, the battle was effectively tilted in his favor. He once killed an entire invading Hidden Sand army singlehandedly by using this technique. The Flying Raijin is not to be trifled with. This Boruto theory claims that if Naruto masters this technique, he can push himself to the realm of the Gods.

Boruto Theory Explained – How Can Naruto Become Konoha’s Orange Flash?

The Orange Flash Is Coming

Naruto, thanks to his Uzumaki lineage, is naturally gifted with humongous chakra reserves. Even without Kurama, his Chakra reserves are in the upper middle-class range, if not more. That is all thanks to his gifted bloodline. To top it off, the Uzumaki clan also had an innate skill for sealing techniques so fearsome an enemy ninja village decided to wipe them out because they posed that much of a threat. The Flying Thunder God is basically a sealing technique – more or less a reverse summoning jutsu. This falls right up Naruto’s alley. Now that he is Hokage, he has access to records that were previously forbidden to him as a lower ranking ninja. The stage is more or less set for Naruto to become the Orange Flash. This Boruto theory now makes more and more sense.

Will Naruto Make His Own Flying Thunder God Techniques?

Tobirama’s Flying Raijin Slash

We can even imagine Naruto developing his own style of using the Flying Thunder God in a rather creative fashion. Both Tobirama and Minato developed their own personal styles with the Flying Raijin.   The former developed the Flying Thunder God Slash, an teleportation based sword based technique. Minato developed the Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder technique, a formidable space-time barrier that can teleport any attack far away. Naruto can use his signature technique to create his own Flying Thunder God variations.

Boruto Theory – Naruto’s New Power?

The prerequisites for mastering Flying Thunder God are superior reflexes and a good chakra reserve. Naruto has the latter covered already. As far as reflexes are concerned, Naruto does have the Sage Mode. Sage Mode greatly enhances Naruto’s reflexes, so much so that he could evade a direct attack from the Third Raikage during the Fourth Great Ninja War. We can already see Naruto marking his Sage Mode shadow clones with the Flying Thunder God seal and teleporting across the battlefield, defeating his foes at lightning speed.

If this Boruto theory is indeed true, then Momoshiki will never know what hit him.

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