Bradley Cooper May Be Seen As Hal Jordan

As Warner Bros. and DC Comics continue to find their way in today’s comic book movie world, the two companies are expanding their roster of talent. One of the most iconic characters of the DC Comic universe, Warner Bros. took a stab at Green Lantern back in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds, and we all know how that turned out. But now, after the run of few decent films, Warner Bros. is looking to use the capital they’ve built up to lure one of Hollywood’s biggest stars into their orbit. According to recent rumours, the studio is eyeing none other than Bradley Cooper for the role of Hal Jordan.

From Tom Cruise To Bradley Cooper

Bredley Cooper Might Be Seen In Green Lantern Corps

For the past two years, Warner Bros. has been circling Tom Cruise for the role of Jordan. But, according to what recent reports, that’s not the case anymore.

Recent reports say that Cruise is likely to pass the role, which means WB has now set their sights elsewhere and apparently, Bradley Cooper is their top choice to play Hal Jordan in the DCEU.

We’re hearing that the studio is keen to get the A Star is Born actor onboard, but it’s unclear if they’ve reached out to him yet or not.

Bradley Cooper In Superhero Genres

Bredley Cooper

Cooper is no stranger to the superhero sorts after having voiced Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies. But he has never appeared in the flesh in any of the Marvel movies.

Given Cooper’s status as one of Hollywood’s A-list actors, it’s only a matter of time until Marvel can convince the actor to squeeze into some superhero clothes. If the rumours are true, DC would be the first to make use of his seven-time Oscar-nominated screen presence. Having Cooper locked for the role, it would be a massive boost for the project.

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