Brightest Day: 10 Greatest Green Lantern Of All Time, Ranked!

We all love the Green Lantern Corps, don’t we? Flashing rings made of advanced technology which could be close to magic, they are basically a sort of magical police force. Being DC’s largest and most organised force, Green Lantern Corps has always been upfront in defeating enemies. Today we bring to you the 10 greatest Green Lanterns ever.

10. Simon Baz

He is seen stealing a car and being sent to the prison in Guantanamo Bay. He escapes the prison with the help of the ring which is the result of the fusion of Sinestro and Hal Jordan.

He masters two really peculiar powers. One, emerald sight, which allows him an insight of the near future. Baz often forgets that he possesses these powers and thus he never uses them to full extent.

Second, he can heal people but he hardly uses it because it acquires most of his energy.

9. John Stewart.

Introduced in 1971, he is often recognised as the Green Lantern of the Animated DC universe. (Also one of the first black heroes in comics.)

He proved himself in his very first mission and later took over as the new Green Lantern after Hal Jordan retired from his position in 1980’s.

He went on to become the Master Builder on the patchwork Mosaic world and he was the perfect caretaker of the world. He became the leader of Green Lantern Corps when the Guardians were away.

8. Mogo.

Not much is known about Mogo’s origin and it’s gravitational field could wreak havoc on any planet and this might be the reason for his absence from Green Lantern Corps meetings. He gained prominence much later after Geoff Johns took over as the Green Lantern Corps. Mogo later became a recreational centre for Green Lanterns.

The Green Lanterns would have struggled against Sinestro had it not been Mogo; it helped them in recruiting new lanterns. With the ability to fire blasts and purify people with corrupt rings, Mogo plays an essential role in Green Lantern Corps.

7. Sodam Yat.

He was introduced in Geoff John’s Green Lantern and with all powers of Superman, he was titled as the Ultimate Green Lantern. Despite all these powers, he dies in the final issue of destruction of Green Lanterns.

After the prophecy about his death, he was chosen for special protection team and once helped his whole team to regain their powers by reinvigorating Daxam’s red sun into a yellow one. He also fought courageously against Superboy-Prime and only lost to his Daxamite self later.

6. Kilowog.

He was created in 1986 and has been an essential part of Green Lantern Corps. Many currently active Green Lanterns have been trained by him. He was in specialist in teaching the Lanterns how to control the ring and willpower application and he has virtues similar to Sinestro.

His stature and immense strength make him a really powerful warrior even without a ring. He even fought alongside Justice League for a while. He died in the issue Emerald Twilight in a confrontation with Hal Jordan before being the first alien Green Lantern to resist the Guardian gone rouge Krona.

5. Kyle Rayner.

He was chosen the fourth Human Green Lantern not because he was fearless but because but because he could feel and overcome great fear. This ability to overcome fear later became a key point in recruiting Green Lanterns. Guardian Ganthet gave him the ring for no reason after the death of Hal Jordan and asked him to use it at the right place and time.

He also became a member of Justice League and later gained Green Lantern’s rings and learnt to control them. He even absorbs Hal Jordan’s leftover energy in Earth’s sun during Final Night.

4. Sinestro.

Hal Jordan could be termed as the greatest Green Lantern ever but Sinestro is equally wonderful. Often termed as the former MVP, he experienced a great fall. After Jordan gets to know that Sinestro had established dictatorship on his home planet for which he was stripped off his ring and position.

Sinestro formed the Sinestro Corps which harnessed the yellow light of fear. For years, he was the villain but rose to a Lantern to defeat a crazy-gone Hal Jordan. He even regained his ring after Jordan lost his own ring.

3. Guy Gardner.

ONE OF THE BEST OF ALL TIMES. Even his arrogant attitude doesn’t make him any less great and he was considered as one among the two options after the death of Abin Sur. Often termed as the most educated and “real world hero”, Gardner is absolutely one of the best heroes ever.

He always maintained a hero career and was also promoted to Sentinel Lantern becoming the second only to Guardians. He is the only one to master other rings and went on to use them for an extended period of time. He even led Red Lantern Corps.

2. Hal Jordan.

THE GREATEST! One would obviously say he’s the greatest but nah, he’s on the second spot on our list. With an impressive will power and unparalleled ability to overcome fear though he also experienced numerous falls over the years. He was introduced during the Silver Age and played a key role during ‘Emerald Twilight’.

Even after his death and rebirth, he has carried on with his reputation as the greatest Green Lantern ever. He even went on to become a white Lantern and commanded Black Lantern in a battle against the First Lantern, Voolthrom.

1. Alan Scott.

Known as the original Golden Age Green Lantern, he has always operated as the most differently operating Green Lantern ever. He drew his power from a green flamed meteor and the ring gave him immense power and the ability to walk through walls, hypnotise, time travel and even melt metal.

He defeated or rather destroyed many Black Lanterns who attacked New York in Blackest Night. He does have a weakness towards wood and being the founding member of the Justice Society, he is definitely one of the greatest heroes ever.


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