Britney Spears’ Dad Punishing Whistleblower Who Revealed Jamie is Spying On His Own Daughter in Her Bedroom By Burying Him in Legal Fees To Keep His Mouth Shut

Aside from the conservatorship issue, another allegation was put forward against Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears. A whistleblower named Alex Vlasov accused him of spying on his daughter while she was under his conservatorship. It was shared in a 2021 documentary called Controlling Britney Spears.

The pop star’s father’s legal team denied the allegations. And soon after, Vlasov was served with a subpoena to present the documents that support the allegations. Since then there has been back and forth between the I wanna Go singer’s lawyer and her dad’s. And recently the Princess of Pop’s attorney defended Vlasov against the subpoena.

Whistleblower Alex Vlasov Getting Harassed

Alex Vlasov
Alex Vlasov

Alex Vlasov’s allegations of spying and eavesdropping against Jamie Spears were followed with a subpoena order on Vlasov. Spears has denied the allegations and specifically asked for documents that can work as evidence. This resulted in the ex-Black Box employee demanding 10k dollars from him. And recently, even Britney Spears‘ attorney  Mathew Rosengart seems to be siding with Vlasov by filing documents against the subpoena.

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According to Radar Online Rosengart asked the pop star’s father and his counsel to stop harassing Vlasov. He said, “Mr. Vlasov’s actions were heroic and he should be lauded”. The attorney also pointed out how accessing the documents in question will repeat it all again. As it would require them to go through them and thereby violate the singer’s privacy.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Furthermore, Rosengart also added that what Jamie Spears demanded was already in his possession as the work was carried out by him in the first place. Additionally, by pointing out many of the flaws in the princess of pop’s father’s claims against Vlasov he asked the jury to reject the subpoena.

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What Were the Allegations Against Jamie Spears

Jamie Spears
Jamie Spears

In 2021 it came to light that Jamie Spears had supposedly planted spying and monitoring devices inside Britney Spears’ bedroom. Not only that even her calls had been tracked and eavesdropped on by her father. This claim was put forward by a whistleblower Alex Vlasov who worked for the corporation that Jamie Spears hired for the spying work. Vlasov had been an employee in BlackBox where he learned that the Pop star’s father had hired the company to plant listening devices in his daughter’s room while she was under his conservatorship. Additionally, it was also revealed by Vlasov that strategies were devised to read the Sometimes singer’s text messages.

But Vlasov was soon ordered with a subpoena to which countered with,

“to harass and punish Vlasov for blowing the whistle on Jamie’s wrongs, probable crimes and other misconduct while serving as a court-appointed conservator in this matter.”

And he also reportedly demanded 10k dollars for the harassment he is facing by Jamie Spears and his legal team since his accusations.

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Source: Radar Online

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