Britney Spears’ Estranged Sister Jamie Lynn Spears Returns To Acting in ‘Zoey 101’ Sequel Movie – ‘Zoey 102’

As a result of their estranged relationship, Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears have dominated the headlines for a long time. After quitting FOX’s Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, the 31-year-old actress announced that she would reprise her Nickelodeon’s famous role as Zoey Brooks in the upcoming film Zoey 102, which is a sequel to the 2000s American comedy-drama television series, Zoey 101. Jamie Lynn Spears and Nickelodeon broke the news on their official Instagram handle yesterday.

ZOEY 102
Upcoming movie Zoey 102 star cast

Amidst a blizzard of controversies, Nickelodeon announced yesterday that it would launch a sequel movie to the Dan Schneider-produced kids’ series Zoey 101, titled, unsurprisingly, Zoey 102. Although Jamie Lynn Spears stated clearly why she quit FOX’s Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, few fans criticized her decision to leave for the new film.

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The Original Cast Of The Zoey 101 TV Series Is Returning For The Upcoming Sequel Movie Zoey 102

Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn Spears, 31, announced on her Instagram handle yesterday that a sequel to Zoey 101 is being developed. Sveral of the original cast are returning for the upcoming Paramount+ production, captioning it, “IT’S OFFICIAL! Are you ready…. @paramountplus @nickelodeon”

Jamie Lynn's announcement Instagram post
Jamie Lynn made official announcement through Instagram post

Several original characters are included in her Instagram post’s 2nd picture, such as Chase (Sean Flynn), Logan (Matthew Underwood), Michael (Christopher Massey), Quinn (Erin Sanders), and Stacey (Abby Wilde).

If we talk about Nickelodeon’s American comedy-drama TV series, there were four seasons of Zoey 101, focused on a fictional Southern California boarding school. It is reported that the series ended because Spears became pregnant with her daughter, now 14; however, she denied the report.

On Spears’ Instagram post, Paramount+ commented,

“We can think of 101 reasons to be excited for this!”

Another comment from Matthew Underwood wrote,

“It’s so incredible to be back with the gang again.”

Then the following comment appeared from their co-star, Christopher Massey,

“let’s gooooooooo.”

Many of her friends and fans were shocked and excited by the news she shared and wished her luck with the project. According to Variety, it is reported that the movie, currently titled Zoey 102, will follow the reunion of former Pacific Coast Academy students at an adult wedding, and the film has already begun production in North Carolina on Thursday.

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Fans Are Excited For The Announcement Of Zoey 102

Jamie lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears

In the wake of Jamie Lynn’s announcement of her role as Zoey Brooks in the upcoming movie Zoey 102, her fans are excited. Social media platforms are filled with positive responses after the news broke. A Twitter handle named DiscussingFilm tweeted about the announcement and wrote, “The ‘Zoey 101’ sequel movie is titled ‘Zoey 102’.”

Many fans of Jamie Lynn feel super happy and surprised about her new movie, but many criticized her for it as well.

Some fans are reportedly slamming her after she left Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test because she signed for Zoey 102. On Wednesday’s episode of Special Forces on Fox, Spears cried as she quit after only two days of training. In addition to revealing to instructors during the season premiere that she struggled with self-esteem issues as the younger sister of pop star Britney Spears, the actress cited her daughters as the reason for her departure from the show.

A release date for Zoey 102 is yet to be announced.

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